Wild Hog in the Woods

What Sounds Do Wild Hogs Make?

Social animals, wild hogs gather in groups called sounders. Females and young typically make up these packs, and their numbers can reach into the hundreds. To communicate with one another, the pests make a series of noises. Wild hog sounds can range from grunts and growls to squeals.

What Do Wild Hog Noises Mean?

Each sound a feral pig makes carries a distinct meaning. The pests use them to do everything from finding mates to alerting others to food nearby. Some of the most common wild hog noises include:

  • Growling: This sound indicates aggression.
  • Squealing: The pests squeal when they are excited or want to communicate approachability.
  • Grunting: Wild hogs emit a series of grunts while foraging for food.

Hearing Wild Hog Sounds

Since wild hogs can be destructive, homeowners should take action if they hear feral pig activity on their property. The pests have a strong bite and may attack if they feel threatened. To avoid injury, contact Critter Control for removal of wild hogs.

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