A wild hog in the woods

Wild Hogs as Disease Carriers

The biggest problem caused by wild hogs in the U.S., aside from property damage, is the transfer of illness. The pests may carry rabies, swine brucellosis, E. coli bacteria, and a variety of other pathogens. Domestic pigs, humans, and pets can catch these wild hog diseases.

Risk Factors for Wild Hog Diseases

Hunters and people who consume wild hog meat are most at-risk for illness. Farms are also a common place for feral pig diseases to spread. Because of the wide-open fields and abundant food, these spaces naturally attract feral pigs. Infections on farms may spread to livestock through contaminated troughs, waste, or direct contact.

Prevention of Wild Hogs

Because wild hog diseases are common, homeowners should be cautious with pest removal. Do not approach wild hogs or handle their waste without proper protection. Safe control of these animals often requires a trained specialist. Contact the team at Critter Control for help with getting rid of wild hogs.

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