A wild hog in a yard

Problems with Wild Hogs in Yards

Abundant in many parts of the country, wild hogs in the yard can be destructive. These pests not only carry various diseases, but they can damage lawns and crops. Some may even cause vehicle collisions when they cross busy streets. Because of these potential problems, it’s important to notice signs of wild hog problems around properties.


Residents often spot damage from these animals before seeing the pests themselves. Some signs of wild hogs in the yard include:

  • Wallows – Feral pigs create and use muddy depressions in the ground to cool off on hot days.
  • Scratches and Hair – Wild hogs in yards often leave large scratches or bits of hair on tree trunks, poles, or fence posts as they rub against them.
  • Rooting Damage – When the animals root for food in the ground, they disturb soil, displace plants, and ruin lawns.
  • Footprints and Droppings – A group of feral pigs may also leave behind evidence like tracks or feces.

The pests cause extensive and costly lawn damage, so control of wild hogs in the yard is important.


While feral pigs prefer to avoid humans, the animals can be dangerous in some situations. Wild hogs have sharp tusks and may attack humans if threatened. These pests are most dangerous when cornered or protecting their young.

Removing a Wild Hog from the Yard

Trapping and hunting are popular types of wild hog removal. However, these methods typically work on one animal at a time, so they do little to truly control large feral pig populations. Handling wild hogs can also transfer swine brucellosis, tularemia, and other illnesses to humans, so there are risks involved in DIY removal.

Instead, homeowners with wild hogs in the yard can contact the specialists at Critter Control. A team of reliable wildlife experts will work to remove the pests safely, preventing further damage to property.

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