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Q&A With our District Manager:

What are some of the most common wildlife issues that homeowners face in your area?
The most common wildlife issues a homeowner will face in this area are damages to their home from Mice and grey squirrels.  Both of these pests are known to chew into attics and destroy insulation.  Once these animals enter a home, they are capable of causing structural damage amounting to thousands of dollars.  Many house fires are started by these pests chewing on wires in attics.  The required steps needed to remove and prevent these pests from entering back into the home are trapping, exclusion, and sanitation of contaminated areas.  
How do the seasons affect wildlife activity in your area?
Warmer temperatures bring more pests.  However, pests such as mice/rats, raccoons, grey squirrels, and flying squirrels thrive in the colder months.  

Any prevention tips for residents in your area?
Regularly inspect your home.  If you notice any strange signs such as chew holes, debris build up, or if you hear any strange noises, call Critter Control.  A technician will provide you with a thorough inspection and be able to provide you with a solution, no matter what type of pest you are dealing with.  A Critter Control technician with work with you in order to promptly schedule and begin the extraction process.  Most importantly, once the wildlife is removed, all repairs done to the home are warrantied!  Once we get the pests out, we keep them out!
When should homeowners call Critter Control?
At the first sign of evidence.  It could be damage to the house such as chew holes, debris build up, or stains.  It could also be a strange sound you hear in the attic such as scratching, walking, or other strange wildlife sounds. It is important to address wildlife issues as soon as possible.  It will cost much less to address a wildlife issue sooner rather than later.

Wildlife Problems in Northern Virginia

As a prosperous industrial area, Northern Virginia is home to both suburban neighborhoods and green spaces. This diverse landscape attracts a range of urban and rural pests. Residents deal with everything from curious raccoons to reclusive moles.

Raccoon Damage

With their hand-like paws and tendency towards mischief, raccoons cause issues in Northern Virginia cities. They open up garbage bins and spread trash across lawns while searching for meals. The pests also rip off roof shingles to access attics and burrow under porches to make their dens.

Issues with Bats

Bat species common in the area help to keep insect populations down. However, large colonies of bats near people come with the threat of disease. These animals are vectors for rabies as well as histoplasmosis, and the risk of infection increases when the pests invade homes.

Flying vs. Tree Squirrels

Both flying and tree squirrel species live in Northern Virginia. The former is nocturnal, so homeowners rarely see them. However, they still break into attics looking for a place to nest. Tree squirrels are active during the day. They sometimes see chimneys as safe sites to raise young and disturb homeowners with their chittering.

Canada Geese in Northern Virginia

Areas across the state, including Northern Virginia, have seen increased numbers of Canada geese in recent years. Many of these birds have stopped their annual migration and started causing problems for local residents.

Canada geese forage in large groups and destroy lawns and gardens when they settle near homes. In addition, a single Canada goose produces over a pound of waste per day. Flocks of these pests create huge messes on lawns, driveways, and roads. Their droppings also pollute swimming pools and ponds.

Other Backyard Nuisances

Opossums and moles are also a problem for Northern Virginia residents. While generally docile, an opossum may frighten residents by hissing or baring its sharp teeth. Lawn pests like moles are destructive to yards. The holes and mounds of dirt they leave behind become eyesores and tripping hazards.

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