Problems Caused by Geese in Yards

Since they prefer habitats with short grasses, nearby water sources, and easily accessible food, geese often set up nests in residential neighborhoods. The presence of geese in yards can lead to several problems. For example, geese are very aggressive when it comes to defending their territory, which puts residents at risk of attack and injury. The pests also trample and eat vegetation found on private properties, including grass and plants found in gardens. Finally, geese in yards soil driveways, lawns, decks, and pools with their droppings.

Prevention & Removal

The possibility of attack and disease transmission makes it important that property owners act at the first sign of geese in the yard. Preventative measures, such as erecting fences or using scarecrows and other products to frighten the pests away, help reduce the possibility of encountering them. However, geese may still find their way onto lawns and wreak havoc. The best thing to do when faced with a goose problem is to contact wildlife control. The professionals at Critter Control have the tools to safely remove geese in yards.

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