How to Identify Goose Nests

Some of geese’s favorite nesting sites include fields, farmlands, parks, and private properties. Their nests are cup-shaped in appearance, made out of dry grass and plant materials, and lined with feathers. They are commonly situated on elevated land and near water. Since the pests have a habit of returning to the same location once a year to give birth, the presence of goose nests is particularly undesirable.

Problems, Control & Removal

Spotting a goose nest usually means there’s a family of geese nearby. Their presence on private properties is detrimental for many reasons. For one, they are extremely protective of their nests, eggs, and offspring, and may therefore act aggressively toward residents. Geese also carry diseases and litter yards with their droppings . When faced with goose nests on their property, residents should contact wildlife control specialists. The professionals at Critter Control can quickly and humanely handle the removal of geese and their nests.

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