Problems with Geese in the Garden

Geese feed on a variety of weeds and grasses but also enjoy eating garden crops. While foraging in flowerbeds, the pests cause numerous issues. For one, geese in gardens trample plants due to their bulky size . Additionally, they are noisy and hostile, attacking any human who dares to get too close to their nests. Finally, a single goose in the garden can produce up to a pound of droppings each day. The bacteria in their fecal matter contributes to disease transmission.


Since the pests cause so many problems, it’s important to remove geese in the garden at the first sign of infestation. Property owners can deter the pests from coming into flowerbeds by cutting access to food or setting up frightening devices. However, these measures aren’t always effective. Individuals should contact the experts at Critter Control if they find geese in the garden. With professional help, property owners can safely and promptly remove the pests.

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