Problems with Geese in Swimming Pools

Geese are attracted to the safety of enclosed pools, as well as the warm water. They often set up nests around pools on private properties and spend their time bathing and swimming. The presence of geese in pools leads to pollution, as they defecate frequently and shed feathers into the water.

Although the chlorine usually kills the bacteria in their feces, the chance of disease transmission is still a concern. Geese droppings can contain E. coli, salmonella, and cryptosporidium, as well as other infections that affect humans. Finally, the pests are aggressive when it comes to protecting their territory, and they may attack residents trying to use the pool.

Prevention & Removal

Since geese in pools create unsafe environments for swimmers, it is important to eliminate the pests upon the first sign of infestation. Property owners can take preventative measures like leaving floating devices in the water to scare off the pests or installing a pool cover. However, geese might still set up nests nearby. If faced with an infestation of geese in the pool, contact the specialists at Critter Control, who can take care of your goose problem safely and humanely.

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