As a state, Texas is second only to Arizona to have the most types of rattlesnakes (10 species).

Rattlesnake Removal in Lubbock

This homeowner in Lubbock saw this snake slither into his crawlspace. Snakes generally enter a home in search for food or shade from the midday sun.If you find a snake in your home, consider an inspection for rodents too. 

Snake Bites 

Most snake bites happen when a snake feels threatened. If you see a rattlesnake, do not try to catch it yourself. Without the proper training and equipment, you will likely get bitten. A rattlesnake can strike up to half of its body length.

Do not try to kill a rattlesnake! They play an important role in the local ecosystem. We’ll safely remove the snake from your house and offer an inspection for any potential prey species in your home.