Raccoon Litter in the Attic

This spring a raccoon had found her way into their attic. Because she already had her babies, I tried raccoon eviction fluid. Eviction fluid only works if a female raccoon has a den with young. It is made with predatory animal glands and the female raccoon thinks her young are threatened.

Raccoon Trapping and Removal 

In this situation, the mama was not responding to the eviction fluid. I set a trap for the adult. I used a thermal camera to look for a hotspot to find the four babies. Once she was caught, I had to cut a whole in the ceiling and pull the babies out one by one.

Raccoons in Lubbock

The baby raccoons need to be fed every two hours. I’m taking care of them at home while I look for a local wildlife rehabilitator that can take them. Last year, I cared for two baby raccoons until they were old enough to survive on their own.