Homeowners in Brentwood called because in the morning they heard scratching and squeaks from their attic. Most people notice they have animals in their home from strange noises.

Squirrel Inspection

We start inspections where the homeowners noticed signs of wildlife. In the attic, squirrels had left ample evidence. The squirrels had chewed wires and ceiling joists. The insulation was full of feces and urine.
We found a construction gap and holes in the screen of the gables.

Squirrel Removal in Brentwood

The first step in squirrel control in this Brentwood home required squirrel trapping.

Once the squirrels had been removed, a whole home exclusion offers the full solution to the homeowner’s squirrel problem. Preventing squirrels from entering the home by sealing any entry points from foundation to top of the roof.

Squirrel Santization 

The squirrels left a mess, and squirrel droppings can contain salmonellosis, tularemia and leptospirosis. When the house is secured, our technicians sanitize the entire attic.  

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