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Most Humane Wildlife Control in Nashville and the surrounding area, including FranklinHendersonville, and Murfreesboro.

Wildlife Removal

Safe, humane wildlife removal of nuisance animals for your home and property

Animal Infestation Prevention

Reliable prevention from future animal intrusions.

Animal Damage Repairs

Professional and permanent repairs to entry points, insulation, and damage from animal urine or feces.

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Nashville Nuisance Wildlife

As the most populated city in the state, Nashville, TN, draws people and pests in equal measure. Hot, humid summers and a thriving tourism industry make the city an ideal place for animals to seek food and shelter. Residents may encounter property damage and disease when wildlife species invade yards or homes.

In residential yards, the pests knock over trashcans, eat outdoor pet food, and even get in fights with dogs and cats. They may also bite humans when cornered. Contact with their fur, saliva, or feces can transmit diseases or parasites like ticks and fleas.

Squirrels in the Yard

Tennessee lawns are common places for these rodents to forage for meals. Seeds, nuts, and insects make up the majority of the squirrel diet, so properties with gardens and nut trees are prime targets. A squirrel may dig holes in the ground to bury its finds or stash food in attics and wall voids. Indoor caches can attract other pests.

Roosting Bats

These small, winged animals feed on insects at night. While bats usually roost in trees, sheds, and other out-of-the-way spots, colonies may enter attics during cold winters or hot summers in Nashville. Exposure to bat waste can cause serious respiratory illness, so it's important to deal with roosts indoors.

Troublemaking Raccoons

A regular visitor to Tennessee neighborhoods, this pest often scours trash bins and dumpsters for a meal. Once they locate a regular food source, raccoons may den under a nearby porch or in an attic. A raccoon living close to people can present a health risk. These animals are common vectors for diseases like rabies.

Additional Pests

Mice create problems for Nashville residents by burrowing in lawns and nibbling on garden plants. A mouse seeking a warm place to nest may enter a house through cracks in the foundation. Rodents host fleas and bacteria that can result in illness.

The opossum is another adaptable animal in Tennessee cities. A nocturnal scavenger, this pest combs through yards for carrion, fruit, and nuts. Opossums can bite or scratch if threatened, so residents should avoid contact with these animals.

Nashville, TN's temperate weather and hot tourist spots draw both music lovers and urban pests. Raccoons, foxes, and opossums are adaptable animals that don't mind sharing lawns with humans. Suburban hedges, tall grasses, groups of trees, and sheds provide them with shelter, food, and prey.

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