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Local Franchisee: Jason Burkhart 

Service Area: Barnesville, Bolingbroke, Forsyth, Griswoldville, Juliette, Knoxville, Macon, and West Oak.

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Wildlife Problems in Macon, GA

Right in the heart of the state, Macon, GA, has warm, humid weather year-round. Since temperatures rarely drop below freezing, wildlife remains active through every season. Macon residents may find everything from tiny rodents to large predators in their backyards.

Raccoon Destruction

In addition to the danger they present by carrying rabies, raccoons damage property in Macon. The pests knock over garbage cans trying to find food and make a mess in lawns. A raccoon will den under porches or outbuildings and may even rip up siding to move into homes.

Georgia Squirrels

Both fox and gray squirrels are common throughout Georgia. These animals live in residents' backyards, digging holes all over lawns and stealing seed from birdfeeders. Attics are popular nesting sites for both squirrel species, and the pests usually have two litters of young every year.

Living with Bats

Since they eat mosquitoes and other pest insects, bat colonies are more of a help than a hindrance. However, they do cause issues when they leave their natural habitats and invade Macon homes. The animals are also rabies carriers, and even a dead bat can transmit the virus.

Wildlife Big and Small

Georgia residents deal with Norway rats as well. The main problem with a Norway rat infestation is the spread of disease, as the pests can carry a number of illnesses from food poisoning to rat bite fever. These rodents also attract predators, like coyotes, to lawns. Coyote packs are an issue because they may prey on pets.

Serving the following locations:

By County: Bibb County, Lamar County, Monroe County

  • City of Barnesville
  • City of Forsyth
  • City of Macon
  • Juliette
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