In the past year, more than 14 million American homeowners reported seeing rodents inside their homes. Dealing with any type of rodent in your home is a cause for stress and frustration. You don’t know how long they’ve been there or how much damage they’ve done, and you may find yourself desperate to get rid of them by any means necessary.

Finding the best pest control services for a rat problem starts with understanding what solutions different professionals provide.

Should I Call an Exterminator for a Rat Infestation?

Exterminators are state-licensed technicians trained to kill insects, bugs, and rodents using chemical products, baits, and traps. They apply solutions to interior and exterior spaces of homes, offices, restaurants, warehouses, and other structures.

Exterminators must know the biology, habits, and habitats of rats and mice to stop rodents from causing damage or ease the fears of property owners. They create a plan of action that typically involves repeated chemical applications to treat areas where pests are active.

Get Rid of Rats with Critter Control of Macon

Critter Control provides solutions to all the problems caused by rats in your house. At Critter Control, we focus on rat trapping and exclusion to yield the best rat control.

We begin by inspecting the property to discover how rats are getting into your home and devising an exclusion plan to stop them. Based on the inspection, we create a custom rat control plan. The custom plan includes types of rat traps used, placement, and bait. The standard trapping duration normally takes between five to fourteen days. The trapping process might take longer if the rats are well-established.

Rats cause extensive damage, and we repair it. Rat droppings pose an ongoing health risk. We clean up feces and apply a sanitization agent to those areas. In extreme cases, insulation replacement might be necessary.  

Finally, we provide a recurring rat control plan involving strategically placed bait stations around your property to keep rats out.

Rat Exterminator vs Critter Control of Macon

Exterminators aim to get rid of pests using a combination of techniques. They begin with a pest inspection of the property to develop a treatment plan. They do not always figure out the source of the pest problem, which means you may experience future pest problems.

At Critter Control, we use various methods to eliminate and prevent rodent activity. “Control” refers to how we provide long-term rat removal solutions.