Bat Removal in Macon, GA

Bat Removal in Macon, GA

Bats prefer to roost in dark, confined area, and they need it to be warm and humid. When flying at night, they’ll follow the warm air coming from your house. Attics offer the warmth, humidity, and shelter necessary for rearing young pups.

Bats gain access to attics through gaps in roof shingles, mortar, windows, doors, and home ventilation systems. Gable vents are a common bat entry point into the attic.

Conflicts that arise from bat infestations in the attic range from unsightly messes to health risks, and some of the more negligible issues associated with bat presence include their insistent squeaking sounds and the strong musky odor that is excreted from their scent glands.

Bat Removal and Exclusions

Not only is bat exclusion the most effective way to get rid of bats from roosting in your attic, but it is also the most humane and ethical bat control strategy.

bat exclusion on ladder

Exclusion tubes are a one-way exit, allowing bats in the chimney to leave but not to return. The process typically takes three to seven days to ensure all bats are out. After a final attic inspection, we remove the valve and seal the final exit point.

Once bats are gone, the professionals at Critter Control will remove any feces and apply sanitization agents to decontaminate the area. In extreme cases, we off full attic restorations and reinstall attic insulation.

Critter Control offers professional bat removal in Macon. Where you live will determine when bat removal is possible. In colder climates, you cannot remove or disturb bats during hibernation. During the summer, you can evict bats once the pups can fly on their own.

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