Pest & Wildlife Pressure in Johns Creek, GA

Waterways and heavily wooded neighborhoods in Johns Creek, GA, sustain many types of local wildlife. Unfortunately, deer, coyotes, and foxes throughout the city can come into conflict with people.

Deer and Grazing

Deer eat the bark from trees in the winter and forage in gardens during the summer. They frequently wander through backyards to find food sources. In addition to ripping the leaves from vegetation, these pests carry deer ticks, the primary source of Lyme disease in Georgia.

Johns Creek Predators

Another problem with deer in yards is their potential to draw predators. Coyotes are one of the city's most common varieties. These pests can attack small pets and act aggressively towards people, making a coyote dangerous in residential areas.

Also found in Johns Creek, foxes generally go for smaller prey than deer. However, they will eat carrion when necessary. Since a fox can spread the rabies virus, it's always an issue when these animals den around yards, sheds, and homes.