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Wildlife Problems in Athens, GA

The city of Athens, GA, encounters plenty of humidity, heat, and rainfall, all of which help nuisance pests to thrive. This college town is also bustling with people and activity, offering animals easy access to meals and shelter.

Georgia Squirrel Issues

Most active during the day, squirrels in Athens cause mischief from dawn to dusk. These rodents eat seeds from bird feeders and pull up garden bulbs. A squirrel can make use of holes in walls and roofs to enter homes as well. To make a comfortable nest in the attic, the pests may carry leaves indoors or tear up insulation.

Raccoons and Health Concerns

Since they can carry rabies, raccoons in Georgia neighborhoods pose a threat to people and pets. Unfortunately, the pests have learned to take advantage of food from garbage cans, pet dishes, and the handouts of well-meaning residents. Feeding a raccoon may encourage the animal to den in a nearby chimney, shed, or attic.

Bats in Attics

Dark, hidden places appeal to the six species of bats living in Georgia. This means that Athens residents often find these pests roosting in their attics. Cracks in roofs or siding allow a bat easy access into homes.

Bats in Georgia are a problem for homeowners because they carry several diseases, including rabies. Their foul-smelling droppings may trigger allergies or encourage the growth of dangerous mold

Other Athens Animal Problems

Snakes like to stay hidden when they can. Near homes that often means lurking in tall grass and debris piles. Georgia is home to six species of venomous snake as well as many harmless varieties. Though they try to avoid contact with humans, the pests will bite if they feel threatened.

With their distinctive black and white coats, skunks are one of the most recognizable Georgia pests. Gardens and lawns may fall prey to skunk damage when the animals dig up grubs and vegetables to eat. As a defense mechanism, they emit a foul odor that can stick around for days.

Georgia Rats and Mice

The mild climate in Athens, GA, allows house mice, Norway rats, and roof rats to thrive year-round. These rodents enter homes through holes in roofs and gaps under doors to nest in attics and wall voids.

Rats and mice contaminate stored foods in kitchens with their waste. Rodents may also gnaw on wiring and rip up insulation. In addition, Athens homeowners may find that the pests' scratching noises keep them from getting a decent night's sleep.

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