The roof rat is one of the most abundant and destructive pests in Florida. Roof rats consume and destroy stored animal and human food, attack fruit crops, and take up residence in attics, soffits, hollow walls, and out-buildings.

Roof rats got their name because of their tendency to make their nests in high places above ground. Once they have entered your home, they will make their way to the attic, wall spaces and above your ceiling.
Rats are a danger to humans, their pets, and especially citrus farms. They spread disease through their urine and feces and the fleas that have bitten them can then bite you. During the citrus season, they feast on ripened fruit and vegetables. Their immediate removal from your home and property is required.

Roof Rat Control

The idea of rats in your home is not something that should be taken lightly. Call Critter Control and we’ll prepare a roof rat control plan to:

  • Remove the rats from your home
  • ​Disinfect and clean-up damage they caused
  • Replace any ruined attic insulation
  • Repair any wiring, ducts or structure that has been damaged
  • Seal up all entry points to keep them out.

 How to prevent roof rats in South Florida

Since rats carry so many diseases, you should never attempt to remove rats on your own. Only trained professionals, like the ones at Critter Control® , know how to safely and effectively remove your rat infestation for good.

It is highly recommended to never poison rats that have invaded your home as doing so will most likely trade one problem with another one. Poisoned rats will find a safe space, deep inside your walls or attic to curl up and die. Their carcass will smell terrible as the rot and decompose. You could also be killing mothers, leaving their babies to die.

Stay up-to-date on repairs and maintenance

Resolving a rat problem is just as much about preventing it as treating is. Sealing up holes, cracks, or other access points in exterior and interior walls can limit access to your home. Rats can squeeze their bodies through any gap that their heads will fit through, which is often less than an inch in diameter. Keeping your garbage cans tightly closed and eliminating sources of outdoor water will help make your property seem less attractive to rats, as well.

Eliminate roof access

Roof rats are excellent climbers, and will use that skill to find a way into your home. The best way to keep that from happening is to make sure there are no tree branches touching your roof or extending over the top of your house.

Store food appropriately

Using airtight containers to store leftovers and other foods in your kitchen, as well as using heavy-duty trash receptacles will keep rats from using your home as an easy food source. Storing foods in rooms that are not easy for rats to access will further help prevent your home from becoming their all-you-can-eat buffet.

What Can You Do About a Roof Rat Infestation?
If you suspect, you have rodents in your home – even if you have only seen them once or perhaps just the evidence they leave behind – it is always best to call a professional to trap and exterminate them. Rodent removal should always be done by a professional like the ones at Critter Control®. Our experts are trained in not only removing the rodents from your home, but also keeping them out for good.