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Nuisance Wildlife Control

Daytona Beach has ecosystems only found in Florida. These attract wildlife of all kinds, including seashore birds, inland birds, native and non-native birds. The Fish and Wildlife Department gets numerous calls daily about local wildlife. Whether it's a marine animal stranded on a beach or an alligator roaming the neighborhood, wildlife can be a nuisance.

Most wildlife is fun to watch and encounter occasionally. However, some animals are starting to invade our peaceful neighborhoods. Some are invading our homes. Raccoons, skunks, opossums, armadillos, rats, mice, bats, and squirrels are growing in number. They are starting to outnumber humans. This population growth is forcing wildlife to seek food, water, and shelter in new places.

Raccoon Removal

Sure, Daytona Beach raccoons are cute with their little masks and striped tails. Observing them pick foods and wash them before they eat is cute too. What's not cute? The tipped garbage can and scattered trash, opened feed boxes, holes in your yard, and half-eaten crops in your garden.

Raccoons will eat just about anything, from junk food to small livestock if it's available. Raccoons are filthy creatures, leaving dirty streaks on places they enter, like your siding as they climb your chimney to enter your attic. Once inside, raccoons destroy insulation, ductwork, flooring, drywall, and any sentimental items they can find.

They like to poop near their nesting area so expect large piles of feces and urine in your attic, crawlspace, or under your deck. We can help you get rid of a raccoon invasion.

Inspection: Our experts identify every potential entry point into your home. They can assess damages inside and outside.

Remove: If a raccoon does not leave on its own, we use our Critter Safe trap that is safe, humane, and meets local regulations.

Repair: Previously, repairs due to raccoon damages include broken vents and screens, ripped insulation and drywall, cleaning feces and urine, and replacing sod to cover holes dug in search of insects. We have also installed fencing around gardens and improved fencing around chicken coops. Before we leave, we seal every possible crack or hole that a raccoon could view as a place to break into your house.

Raccoon activity is similar to that of rats and mice; only rodents like to stay close to home, whereas raccoons will travel up to six miles a night searching for the right meal.

Rat and Mice Removal

Daytona Beach is overrun with rats and mice. Common mice include the Beach, Cotton, and House mice. Rats include the Rice, Gambian Pouch, and roof rats. Mice can fit through a hole the size of a quarter and rats the size of a golf ball; it's likely one has entered your home at some point.

They reproduce a lot, having multiple litters a year, all of which could be living on your property. Rats tend to burrow in holes outdoors or under your home. Mice love the indoors and will use any entry to get inside and build a nest.

Signs of rodent activity inside your home include poop droppings and chew marks on wood, wires, carpet, or walls. You may also notice boxes in your pantry with gnaw marks and food scattered around the cabinet. You may also catch sight of one when you flip on the kitchen light in the middle of the night for a snack. You scream, and it runs back to its nest. Our pros at Critter Control can find that nest and get rid of your rodent problem.

Inspection: We seek and find every potential hole or crack in your home allowing access. We assess damages caused by chewing, scratching, and feces.

Remove: We trap rats and mice according to local guidelines.

Repair: Rat and mice repairs typically include cleaning nests, feces, and urine. Also, we have repaired chewed wires, carpets, baseboards, and cabinets. Outdoors rats running across electrical wires cause them to sag. They also damage shingles, gutters, and pipes. To exclude rodents, we clear out areas of debris that attract rodents. We seal holes and cracks and properly store pantry items.

The squirrel is another rodent that can fool you with its cute looks and hoarding behaviors.

Squirrel Removal

Squirrel watching is a thing in Daytona Beach. We can see the fox and gray squirrels in action all day, every day. They collect seeds, fruits, nuts, bark, leaves, and many other items to store for the winter months. Squirrels can fit large apples in their cheeks.

It's where they store their collections that is a problem. When possible, a squirrel will use your attic, walls, or ceilings as a hiding spot. Suppose they are getting ready to give birth to a litter of baby squirrels. In that case, they will build a nest in your home using your insulation, drywall, wallpaper, clothing, carpet, and anything else accessible.

Squirrels are gnawers and will destroy wires, wood boards and beams, and ductwork. Outside your home, squirrels will raid your garden, dig holes in your yard to store treasures, and scratch your siding as they hurry up and down. We can limit the squirrel activity on your property.

Inspection: Critter Control experts know squirrel habits and can quickly locate nests. They will put together a thorough plan to exclude squirrels from your home.

Remove: If a squirrel wants to stay inside your home, we will use our humane trapping system to get it out. Usually, squirrels are very active and rarely in their nests during the day, allowing us to seal holes and cracks while they are away.

Repair: Chewed wires, wood, drywall, and screens are typical fixes. We have also installed tree and roof barriers to prevent climbing. Removing or relocating bird feeders is a must. It's like hitting the jackpot to their favorite foods. We have fenced gardens and often clear debris in the yard that attracts these rodents.


Bat Removal

Bats are beneficial wildlife on the protected species list. We need bats, all of them, from the evening bat to the Brazilian free-tailed bat. They eat thousands of insects every night. Eating so much leads to their one downfall, bat guano, and urine. Bats go to the bathroom often, even when they sleep, letting their poop and pee run all over their bodies. Their fur is covered in guano and urine, making them filthy. They even leave black smudges on anything their fur touches, including your siding.

Bats can be loud and annoying at night but not nearly as irritating as their smelly poop and pee. It is so strong because it contains uric acid and grows mold. Do not try to get rid of bats yourself. It's not worth the risk. The mold that grows on guano, if inhaled by humans, can lead to respiratory diseases like histoplasmosis.

Call the experts to handle your bat removal needs.

Inspection: Bats are easy to locate. Our inspections focus on exclusion methods, like eliminating food and water resources. Also, we assess damages caused by bat roosting and activity.

Remove: Critter Control pros have bat gloves, bat valves, bat rods, and bat traps to safely and humanely remove a bat if it does not fly away on its own. Because they are out most of the night, we can install one-way valves that let them fly out but not back in.

Repair: Sealing all points of entry into your home or other structure is a must. We then focus on reducing outdoor lighting at night, stagnant water sources, livestock manure, and anything else that attracts insects.

Snake Removal

Most snakes are harmless. They are just like every other animal, searching for food and shelter. Some may find refuge in your attic, crawlspaces, basements, or in woodpiles lying around your property. It's not that unusual for a snake to curl up under the hood of your car where it is warm.

It's essential you know how to identify a snake in Daytona Beach. Learn the difference between diamonds, stripes, crossbands, blotches, and rings.

Snakes don't cause much damage to your home or property. They can even eat the rodents, which may be annoying you. However, most people are fearful of snakes. The sight of one often brings on screaming, jumping, running, and more screaming. That's okay. It's a common reaction.

We don't want you to be fearful while at home, so give us a call if you spot a snake inside or outside your home.

Inspection: We understand the habits of all snakes, and we are experts in identifying poisonous versus nonpoisonous species.

Remove: We have proper tools to grab a snake or trap it, with protective gear to ensure safety.

Repair: Excluding snakes is not always possible, but we can do things to reduce snake activity on your property. Keeping it clean and decluttered will reduce rat and mice activity, which are food sources for snakes. Clearing out piles of wood and rocks, and keeping the lawn manicured, eliminates hiding spots for snakes.

How Professional Wildlife Control Services Can Help You

Rather than handle mold growing poop and acidic urine, call the professionals. Hiring wildlife control experts means you:

• Remain safe and free of the danger of being bitten or attacked by wildlife

• Get both wildlife control and repair person at the same time

• Know for sure your home is free of nuisance wildlife when the job is complete

Why Chose Critter Control

Critter Control is the right choice for wildlife removal because we:

• Have all the safety gear and equipment needed to remove any wildlife

• Have certifications and licensures in the field of nuisance wildlife removal

• Know local and state laws regarding wildlife removal

Q&A with Local Franchisee Jody O'Dell:
What are some of the most common wildlife issues that homeowners face in your area?
Most common nuissance wildlife is roof rats, then raccoons.
How do the seasons affect wildlife activity in your area?

Seasons in Daytona Beach, FL, fall into one of two categories: hot and wet or warm and dry. These conditions make it easy for wildlife pests to remain active all year. Breeding and birthing seasons have stretched out to nearly year-round, with a lull in middle of the summer, although we occasionally see baby raccoons in the summer.
Any prevention tips for residents in your area?
You can't keep animals off your roof, but you can keep them out of your roof. If it's vulnerable, and 8 out of 10 roofs are, there will be a rat in it. It's never too late to protect it.
When should homeowners call Critter Control?
Don't wait until you hear an animal in your ceiling. Most people won't even hear the animal. Sometimes when you finally hear an animal in the attic, the attic is already compromised.

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