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Common Wildlife Problems in Colorado Springs, CO

As the second most populous city in the state, Colorado Springs, CO, features plenty of spots for wildlife pests to reside. For example, neighborhoods provide food sources and shelter from the state's extreme weather. The diverse topography of the region also allows many different animals to thrive.

Where to Find Bats

Colorado species like big brown, little brown, and Brazilian free-tailed bats will live anywhere from bridges in urban centers to rural caves. As a result, residents of any part of Colorado Springs may deal with them. Attics, barn lofts, and other elevated spaces are common places for bat colonies. Since these pests can transmit rabies, bats near people pose a health risk.

Problems with Squirrels

Colorado property owners are likely familiar with both ground and tree squirrels. The ground squirrel is an outdoor pest, often stealing food from gardens, stripping bark from trees, and digging in lawns. On the other hand, tree-dwelling species frequently cause issues inside. Squirrel mothers may move into chimneys or attics to raise their young.

Raccoon Damage

Raccoons also see homes as the perfect locations to give birth. Females may force their way under porches and decks, creating small and protected dens. This can weaken structures and lead to costly repairs. Additionally, roundworm and rabies infections become pressing concerns for homeowners when a raccoon lives nearby.

Dangerous Pests of Colorado Springs

Residents may spot coyotes and rattlesnakes in their yards as well. A coyote typically comes into suburban areas to hunt or scrounge for food. Targets may include squirrels, rabbits, and small pets. Attacks on humans are rare, but they do happen.

Like a coyote, a rattlesnake will not seek out people to bite, but they will defend themselves if threatened. Snakes hide in brush or tall grasses, and accidentally disturbing the pests may cause them to strike. The venomous bites of rattlesnakes require immediate medical attention.

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