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Common Wildlife Problems in Colorado Springs, CO

Raccoon Pests

Raccoons in the city and suburbs of Colorado Springs, CO, depend on humans for survival. As urban development takes over their natural habitat, these clever animals learn to adapt to yards and homes. Raccoons eat from trash bins and gardens, using their strong claws to open lids and climb fences.

Residents may also find a raccoon living in their garage or attic. The pests are relentless in the search for shelter, tearing at siding and breaking vent covers. Raccoons living this close to people are a health hazard, as these animals can carry rabies, giardiasis, and raccoon roundworm.

Sneaky Squirrels

Squirrels are another pest in Colorado Springs that graze in gardens and invade attics. These fluffy-tailed animals feed on succulents, fruits, and berries as well as some flower bulbs. The rodents also damage trees by girdling and eating the bark.

Climbing onto roofs with ease, squirrels enter Colorado homes through small holes. Once inside, the pests tear up insulation to make nests for their young. A squirrel trapped in an attic wall void may start to give off an unpleasant odor and attract insects or other wildlife.

Bats Near People

Some bat species come into houses in Colorado Springs looking for a place to raise their young. Homeowners often find colonies in dark, rarely used spaces like attics or garages. When bats and humans live close together, the risk of rabies or histoplasmosis transmission increases.

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