Types of Skunks in Huntsville

Striped and spotted skunks are common nuisance wildlife in Huntsville, AL.

Since the preferred diet of skunks includes grubs and insects, the area’s year-round warm weather means food is readily available. Among their favorite meals are beetles, grasshoppers, and crickets. As den-dwelling animals, skunks may be found under porches, in crawl spaces, or in spare and underutilized buildings such as barns and sheds.

Identifying Skunks in Hunstville

About the size of a house cat, a skunk can be easily identified by its black fur with white markings. Huntsville homeowners may be alerted to their presence by the distinct, cone-shaped holes they make in yards while foraging for food. Although skunks are not aggressive, they may release a strong-smelling musk in self-defense. Additionally, the pests are known carriers of rabies. Abnormal behavior, such as daytime activity, may be an indicator of a rabid skunk.

Skunk Removal in Northwest Alabama

In order to exclude skunks from residential properties, homeowners should seal off any entry points in foundations and cover openings with mesh wire or sheet metal. Also, remove anything in the yard that could be used by the animals as shelter like piles of lumber. Residents should also secure garbage cans and pet food, as they attract the pests. To avoid being sprayed or infected by skunks in the yard, it is best to contact the experts at Critter Control in Huntsville to manage skunk infestations in Huntsville.

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