Huntsville Mouse Species

Huntsville, AL, supports populations of jumping, deer, and house mice. True to its name, the house mouse is the most likely to be found in area homes. The pests typically have five-inch-long bodies with gray, brown, or black fur and cream-colored undersides. The long whiskers around their pointy noses aid in navigating through tight spaces. Each mouse also has a pair of tiny, black eyes, large ears, and a hairless tail. Their bodies are smaller and darker than those of rats, although these pests share many traits. Upon reaching full maturity, adult mice weigh about one ounce.

Problems with Mice

Mice are known to hang out in stored boxes and are often brought into homes inadvertently. Due to their ability to eat many foods and survive for long stretches of time without water, it can be tough to deter these pests. Mice produce 25 to 60 young per year and can cause Salmonella poisoning when they contaminate food or water with their waste. Although not always visible to the naked eye, the pests’ fecal and urine stains can be seen with the help of a black light. Ring worm, tapeworm, and ticks can all be passed to humans and pets through mice as well.

Damage Prevention

Mice leave evidence of their presence by damaging food containers, tearing upholstery, and leaving droppings. To prevent the pests from coming indoors, avoid keeping windows or doors open for long periods of time. Any gap a fourth of an inch or larger near air ducts, piping, or roofing can also be used by mice to infiltrate homes. These pests enjoy hanging out in cluttered kitchens and seldom-used storage rooms. As a result, cleaning up food scraps and organizing messy rooms can deter them. To stop active infestations or prevent future mouse problems in Huntsville, call the pest specialists at Critter Control.

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