Do Porcupines Climb Trees?

Found in forests across the northern and western U.S., the waddling, quill-covered porcupine is an agile climber.

These animals only den in hollow logs or abandoned burrows on the coldest winter days. Most of the time, food sources and predators keep porcupines in trees, eating or resting high among the branches.


Porcupines are plant eaters. In the summer months, they feed on fruits, vegetables, tender twigs, and leaves.

In cooler weather, a porcupine feeds on conifer needles and gnaws on bark, which can cause conflict when it chooses to dine on a property owner’s favorite oak.


Stripped bark exposes trees to disease, and those affected often die. Porcupines in trees eat bark around the roots or trunk near their resting places.

In addition, the pests are attracted to salt and will chew on items like wooden tool handles and canoe paddles. They have also developed a taste for plywood and glue.

Homeowners concerned about porcupines in trees on their property should call the wildlife experts at Critter Control for humane control and removal.

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