Hearing Porcupine Sounds

Porcupines have a reputation as tough customers because of their sharp quills. Less well known is the fact that they also use noises to warn away predators. People may notice several porcupine sounds when the animals are nearby.

Humans are most likely to hear porcupine noises if the animal feels threatened. In such a situation, the porcupine will clack its teeth before straightening its quills in a defensive posture and swatting its tail.

Types of Porcupine Noises

During the porcupine mating season, people may also hear a host of sounds including whining, moaning, and grunting. Other noises include wails and shrieks.

If two males are fighting over a female, agitated howls may be audible. Some porcupine sounds at night may be similar to a bird’s caw.

Damage and Control

Damage caused by porcupines is mainly confined to stripping bark and leaves from plants. However, curious dogs might get a muzzle full of quills, which are painful and can become infected if not removed promptly.

When property owners hear porcupine noises or notice other signs of their presence, the quickest route to safe exclusion and removal is contacting Critter Control.

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