Where Do Deer Mice Live?

These pests reside in many habitats throughout North America. Most deer mice live in forests and grasslands, but they can survive in almost any environment. The pests usually spend their time close to the ground, as they are not efficient climbers.

Deer Mouse Nests

Using plant fibers, cloth, and fur, deer mice create nests in tree cavities and under rocks or stumps. Sometimes these pests take over the burrows of other animals.

Although deer mice typically live outdoors, they may seek shelter in homes. This is most common when cold weather arrives and resources are scarce in natural deer mouse habitats. Entering through cracks around roofs, foundations, and vents, the rodents often destroy furniture and clothing to line their indoor nests.

Deer Mice and People

Deer mouse habitats like fields and meadows experience little human activity, so the pests seek out similar conditions in homes. They prefer concealed areas like attics, basements, and crawl spaces. However, they may move into living areas to steal food.

Whether residents actually see deer mice or not, these pests can be a health hazard. Their waste may carry a respiratory disease called hantavirus. Without any direct contact with a deer mouse, waste particles left behind in food or released into the air can infect residents.

Getting Rid of Deer Mice

Homeowners can deter these pests by making their houses unappealing as a deer mouse habitat. Keep kitchens clean and store pantry goods securely to remove food sources. For further help with preventing deer mouse infestation or reentry, contact Critter Control for expert assistance.

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