What Does Deer Mouse Poop Look Like?

Deer mouse droppings are small and oval-shaped like the feces of a house mouse. Finding the poop indoors strongly indicates a home infestation. Although many kinds of mouse droppings can spread disease, contact with deer mouse scat is especially harmful.

Deer Mouse Droppings and Hantavirus

Hantavirus is a dangerous illness that can spread to humans through contact with deer mouse waste. While several types of mice and rats carry this illness, deer mice are both the virus’s primary reservoir and one of the carrier species most likely to come into homes.

Either breathing in tiny particles of dried waste or ingesting them can lead to infection. Many people contract the disease while cleaning up deer mouse scat without proper safety gear, though others get sick simply by living or working in an infested building.

Controlling Deer Mice

Getting rid of deer mouse poop and the risk of hantavirus begins with rodent-proofing homes. Maintain proper sanitation and remove clutter to create a habitat that does not appeal to the pests. Sealing holes and cracks in roofs and around foundations is also important in keeping mice out.

Getting Rid of Deer Mice

Because deer mouse feces and urine pose a health risk, residents should contact a professional to remove the pests from homes. The team at Critter Control has the tools and experience to get rid of rodents safely.

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