Chipmunk Damage in the Attic

Chipmunks nest in attics because they offer shelter and plentiful sources of food. The pests cause several issues while in these spaces. Since they spread around their urine and feces, chipmunks expose house residents to unpleasant smells and various diseases. They also gnaw on wooden beams, insulation, and wires. This can cause structural issues and increase the risk of electrical fire.


Limiting chipmunks' access to food and water discourages them from coming inside. Property owners can do things like erect fences around gardens, seal holes in building exteriors, clean up food spills as soon as they happen, and get tight lids for garbage cans. If homeowners still find chipmunks in the attic, they should contact wildlife control. The professionals at Critter Control remove infestations and sanitize attics.

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