Tennessee regulates bat removal. From May 1st to August 1st you cannot remove a colony with flightless pups. However, the bat removal process can start at any time. 

There are sixteen species of bats in Tennessee, the Little Brown Bat is the most common, including the common Southeastern bat and the uncommon Rafinesque’s big-eared bat, which the state has deemed in need of management. Only a handful of bat species are likely to enter your attic to roost, but they could form large maternity colonies during the summer. 

Bats in Attic in Belle Meade, TN

Homeowners in Belle Meade started noticing bats flying around their property consistenly. Every day at dusk, bats would fly around their driveway. They begin to see bats flying out of their gable vents, one of the most common ways bats get into a home's attic. 

Free Bat Inspection 

Bats in Tennesse cannot create an entry point, but some species of bats can squeeze through holes no bigger than 3/8 of an inch. It can be easy to miss bat entry points on the roof. 

During the bat inspection, we start where you noticed a problem. Our technicain climbed up to the gable vent to find rub or smudge marks around the openings. After moving inside, we found roosting bats right inside the vent. 
bats roosting in gable vent

Bats in Attic Removal

These bats are a roosting maternity colony. It is illegal to get rid of bats if flightless pups are present. The females leave every night to feed and return to care for the pups. If you evict the females, the pups will slowly starve.

But we still can get to work. At Critter Control, we identified any and all potential bat entry points. We sealed up all of them but one. In some cases, we can install bird netting in the attic to prevent the bats from accessing other parts of the attic.

Once the pups can fly, we can install the bat valve. The one way bat valve allow the bats to leave but prevents their reentry. We usually leave the bat valve between three to seven days to ensure all bats have left. Once we are sure all bats are gone, we remove the bat valve and seal the final bat entry point. 

Attic Restoration after Bats

One of the biggest health concerns of bats in the attic is the accumuluation of bat guano. Bat guano can harbor the fungus that causes histoplasmosis. Large quantities can degrade your attic and contaminate the insulation. 

We cleaned up the bat guano and removed it. Then we apply santization agents and ectoparasite agents to decontimate the area. 

If you believe you have bats in your attic in the Nashville area, call Critter Control. 


Outstanding service. Cooper was very knowledgeable and good to work with. He answered all of our questions and communicated with us on a regular basis throughout the process. He seemed to care just as much about fixing our critter issue as we did. Also learned a few interesting squirrel facts along the way. Our only regret was that we didn't call Critter Control earlier!
First, allow me to say that I've been with Critter Control for a year now and I've been pleased with the service for the most part. Today however was different. Raymond was my service guy and introduced himself as my new technician going forward. He was very thorough and explained to me how the bait stations worked and even showed me the inside of them. Unfortunately, there was a snake in one of the bait stations and because he knew of my fear, he called for backup to have it removed. He takes great pride in his job and worked diligently until all issues were resolved. Thank You Raymond for your excellence service. You are greatly appreciated! ~Xaviera~
Jack was our Wildlife Damage Control Technician from Critter Control of Dayton. Jack was very professional and explained exactly what he would do and when. He then followed through performing his service for two weeks. Although he did not catch any animals in the two traps he placed on our roof near two holes, he checked them daily, reset them as necessary, verified there were no animals nesting in the holes, and then sealed them with painted steel plates. If anyone has a problem with critters in or around your house, I highly recommend Critter Control as the solution to your problem.
Critter Control came right out and explained what they were going to do, how they would retrieve the squirrel and how they would capture it. I would definitely call on them again!
We had a family of squirrels in our attic. Our technician did an excellent job an over a couple of weeks to eliminate our invasion. He communicated daily including photos to document entry points and his progress. We were very satisfied.
This company has been great. The technician Kensi was very through and checked everywhere to make sure all access points were found. After a skunk was found in the trap on a Saturday morning they came to pick it up very quickly.
Michael was super friendly and knowledgeable. He checked my entire house and recommended and installed the solution within an hour.
We are under contract with your company and so far they are doing a fine job. Many thanks.
Excellent work environment full of presence of God. Professional and dedicated staff. A good place if you want to have your children in a place where Christian values are protected and encouraged.
Great company and amazing service, the staff is extremely knowledgeable and friendly! Thank you to the staff and especially to Bubba for taking care of my property and giving it that "personal touch" to rid and maintain it from pests and bugs! Appreciate you guys and look forward to continuing business together! Thank you!
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