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Knoxville, TN, sits in the midst of the Great Appalachian Valley and is part of the mountain range of the same name. East Tennessee is a haven for wildlife and nuisance wildlife. To be deemed a nuisance, the animal must pose a threat to humans, be causing damage to your home or property, or be an annoyance.

Wildlife Problems in Knoxville and East Tennessee

Encountering these animals in your neighborhood or your yard can be exciting and awkward. Rather than get caught up in how cute the animal is, keep in mind they are at your place for three reasons: food, water, and shelter. They will damage the yard, garden, exterior, and interior of your home to survive.

At Critter Control, we get rid of nuisance wildlife with our inspection, removal, and repair process. Below are examples of how we handle some of the animals in the list above.


Bat Removal in Knoxville

There are sixteen species of bats in Tennessee

The little and big brown bats may be the most common type to be living in your attic or barn. Bats tend to live near their food and water sources. So, if you have bats, then it should be easy to discover why they are there.

Bats eat thousands of insects an hour. They can eat half their body weight in insects every day, which is why they are a huge benefit to the environment. We need bats. What we don’t need is the massive amount of guano they leave behind. Not only does it smell, but it can also stain whatever it touches.

There are specific laws regarding the removal of bats, like they cannot be removed or even harassed during the maternity season, which is typically from late Spring to early Fall. We can help with your bat problem.

Inspection: We can quickly locate where bats are residing on your property. We focus more on inspecting any damages they may have caused to your home or other structure.

Removal: We have several bat removal methods, including one-way exit cones, bat gloves, and live traps.

Repair: Cleaning the area of your home where bat guano caused staining or erosion is a common repair. We also apply sanitization to the site. We work to seal all cracks and holes that allow a bat entry into your home. Outside we reduce food and water resources as much as possible to encourage bats to move to another location.

Raccoon Removal

Raccoons in East Tennessee have a permanent mask and banded tail. They are mischievous, and it is easy to spot the signs of their activity. They seem to always be on the hunt for food and will tip trash cans, tear feed bags, roll up sod, and steal crops from your garden. Raccoons will even attack chickens if their coop isn’t secure. With their nimble handles, they can open doors, bins and climb. They will climb spouting to get to the roof of your home or trees to get to a bird’s nest.

If your chimneys and vents are screened, you may have a raccoon enter your home and get cozy for the winter months. They have been known to tear shingles and fascia boards to get in. Once inside your home, they can damage everything from the floors to the ceiling and leave feces and urine nearby.

We can get rid of your raccoon troubles.

Inspection: Our experts at Critter Control will first locate all entry points into your home and identify all food and water sources that attract them to your property. Birdfeeders, nests, small livestock, eggs, and garbage not stored in bins are a few examples.

Removal: We use live traps to safely and humanely remove a raccoon from your home. We also use exclusion methods to prevent future raccoon visitors.

Repair: Common repairs include screens on vents and chimneys, replacing shingles, siding, drywall, and wiring that has been chewed. We also replace sod and secure gardens and chickens with fencing. We remove all the accessible food sources we can, including birdbaths and feeders.

Squirrel Removal

Tree squirrels are the most common in East Tennessee, but the ground squirrel is not far behind. They always seem to hunt for food and materials to build a nest for colder months. They collect, store, collect, and store.

Too often, their collections end up in your attic, along with a massive mess of torn insulation, flooring, wires, and anything else they find. The next time you watch the squirrels outside, pay attention to where they are active. Watch them as they run across the roof and electrical wires and climb your chimney and trees. See where they go. If it is in your home, call us.

Inspection: Our first goal is to figure out how squirrels are getting into your home. We then look for all the places a squirrel is active, as well as their nesting area.

Removal: Squirrels can be live-trapped humanely and safely if necessary. Most of the time, we can implement exclusion techniques while they are out scavenging.

Repair: Exclusion includes making your home and property less attractive to squirrels and removing food sources like bird feeders, birdbaths, and pet food. We also install tree and roof barriers to prevent squirrels from climbing up and down. Replacing siding, shingles, wires, and, when possible, the personal items you stored in your attic but the squirrel used for a nest.

Rat and Mice Pest Control

In East Tennessee, we have roof rats, house mice, and Norway rats that commonly invade homes searching for food, water, and shelter. They can sneak in through tiny holes. Mice only need an opening the size of a quarter, and rats need one the size of a golf ball. Rats and mice leave tracks and trails as they scurry along baseboards and counters.

Outside, rats like to burrow underground, which can cause damage to your foundation. They also run along your roof, damaging shingles, gutters, siding, and more. Once inside your home, they hang out in your walls, ceiling, and attic.

They chew everything, including through siding, walls, wires, carpet, and furniture. They will chew through pantry cabinets to eat your groceries. Where this is one rodent, there are others. They multiply quickly and often, having multiple litters a year.

The sooner you call Critter Control, the better.

Inspection: We find the holes that rodents use to enter your home. We follow their tracks and find their nests and look for damages.

Removal: We follow all local and state guidelines regarding trapping rats and mice.

Repair: Rodents repairs usually include fixing everything they gnawed, including wood, drywall, siding, and cabinets. For exclusion, we help you implement better storage for groceries and pet feed. Keeping your yard free of debris will deter rats. We also seal all holes, no matter what size, and replace screens on vents, to prevent rodent entry.

Bird Control

We have many birds in East Tennessee. Some are native, and others are here for a season. We have hundreds of bird species here, which can become nuisance wildlife if not controlled.

Birds roost o the edges of your roof and build nests in eaves, chimneys, vents, and any other small opening. Where they build nests can create hazards for your home, like flooding if the gutters are clogged and fires if the ducts, vents, or chimneys are blocked.

Please keep reading to learn how we get rid of a bird problem at your house.

Inspection: Birds are easy to spot. They are usually hanging out nearby on telephone wires or tree branches. What is not as obvious is the damage they cause. We assess all areas of bird activity for damages.

Removal: It is useless to trap a bird and release it unless it is stuck inside your home or behind the siding of your exterior. Birds can fly, and they will fly right back to any area with food and water. Therefore, exclusion is a priority.

Repair: Exclusion methods include closing areas of your home, like eaves, so birds can no longer sneak in and build a nest. We may need to install tree netting or roof barriers to prevent damage to the edges of your home. Finally, we eliminate places that attract insects, which attract birds. Stagnant water and outdoor lights are two examples.

While birds may not move too far away, at least they will no longer be a nuisance to you and your family.

Skunk Control

Skunks typically invade Knoxville yards in search for food and a safe place to burrow. Sheds, porches, and foundations make ideal burrowing locations which can lead to structural damage. To avoid a skunk’s spray, rely on professional handling and skunk trapping. Removing food supplies is one of the most effective ways to prevent a skunk from entering your property.

Skunk mating season starts in February. Males wander in search for females in heat.Males typically spray during fights over females. A minor skunk problem can quickly magnify during breeding season.

Inspection- Faint odor if skunks typically travel through your yard.
Control- Exclusion and habitat modifications most effective form of skunk control. Cage-type live traps.

Opossum Control

Opossums are more of a nuisance than a real danger. They are very common in urban and suburban settings and will eat practically anything.  Opossums will use attics, crawlspaces and the areas under sheds and porches as dens.

Inspection – Scat. Remnants of previous nights foraging and feeding.
Control—Exclusion work most effective method. Live trapping. Securing potential food sources like pet food and garbage. Sealing entry points to prevent entry to attics and crawl spaces. Scare devices provide temporary solutions and chemical repellents have significant effect.

Snake Control

If you have a snake in your home, you have another animal pest problem. Snakes generally enter a home looking for food. Snakes will also enter your home to explore, shed its skin, or as a temporary refuge.

Removing the snake’s food source is the ideal way to remove a snake.

Inspection- snake skins, snake droppings, odor,  
Trapping & Removing- Live traps and direct capture are effective methods. Most non-venomous snakes are protected from killing. Eliminating any prey species and sealing potential entry points help keep snakes from re-entering your home.

Nuisance Wildlife in East Tennesee 

Tennessee keeps track of wildlife nuisance reports. According to the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency, below are a few of the most annoying animals in 2020. You can check out your county’s nuisances by clicking here.

County with Highest Number of Nuisance Reports

  • Raccoons - Knox County: 623

  • Squirrels - Sevier County: 379
  • Bats - Hamilton County: 317
  • Birds - Blount County: 496
  • Rodents - Fentress County: 150
  • Opossums - Bradley County: 39
  • Armadillos - Dickson County: 29

Nuisance wildlife experts are the way to go when getting rid of unwanted animals. They offer:

  • Effective techniques to prevent future nuisance wildlife problems
  • Extensive knowledge of the habits of all nuisance wildlife
  • Safe and humane removal practices so no one is harmed in the process

At Critter Control, our experts are:

  • Licensed and certified
  • Insured
  • Aware of all local and state laws regarding wildlife removal


Serving the following locations:

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