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Critter Control is here for you every step of the way in the wildlife removal process. From inspection to removal—and even exclusion and repair—we have the services you need to get rid of raccoons, rodents, and other nuisances fast. First, we identify the animal on the property, then use humane methods to remove the animal and secure weak points where more could enter. If damage has been done, we can make those repairs for a complete restoration. Contact a Critter Control office near you today.

Wildlife Removal in Nashua, New Hampshire

No matter which side of the Nashua River you live on, you see local wildlife roaming your neighborhood daily. Squirrels, birds, rabbits, and snakes. Wildlife you don’t see regularly are raccoons, opossums, bats, rats, and mice.

The daily life of wildlife includes searching for food, water, and shelter. There is no Nashua grocery store for nuisance wildlife, so they take advantage of every food and water resource they can find, even the ones on your property. When they find food and water, they create a shelter nearby. Sometimes, this means they enter your attic, crawlspace, sheds, and other outdoor structures. They also like the space beneath your deck or porch.

Local wildlife animals are cute and fun to watch, but the damage nuisance wildlife cause to your home and land can be extensive. Because they can carry diseases, it’s never a good idea to try removing wildlife yourself. Also, each animal has different statuses regarding protection and regulations for removal set by New Hampshire Fish and Game.

Calling animal control experts to get rid of nuisance wildlife using safe and humane practices is highly recommended. Critter Control provides an inspection before removing the animal and repairs after it’s gone. Here are some examples.

Raccoon Removal in Nashua

You may not see many raccoons in Nashua, but they are here. They come out at night to scavenge for food and water. They live up to their masked bandit reputation by tipping over trash cans, raiding pet food bins, and stealing crops from your garden. If you have chickens, don’t be surprised if a raccoon tries to steal one or two.

Raccoons have hands and fingers that work like humans. They can turn doorknobs, open bottles and bins, and unwrap foods. They use their claws to dig holes in your yard, searching for insects.

If you hear hissing, snarling, growls, whimpers, screams, and purrs, you may have a raccoon living in your home. You must not try to remove a raccoon on your own. They are known to carry diseases like rabies.

We can help get rid of raccoons causing damage to your home and property.

Inspection: Our experts look for entry points raccoons may use to get into your attic, your crawlspaces, or the space beneath decks and porches. We identify all areas with raccoon activity and assess damages.

Removal: We use our custom CritterSafe traps to remove raccoons, following all New Hampshire Fish and Game laws.

Repair: The most common raccoon damages we see in our area include damaged vents, fences, and boards that lead to an area of interest, like your garden and attic. We resod places in the yard torn up by raccoons looking for food. We also implement exclusion methods, like sealing all entry points into your home, properly storing pet foods and trash, and ensuring fencing to your garden and animals goes far enough underground to prevent digging a hole.

Rat and Mice Removal in Nashua

Rats and mice are similar to raccoons in that they are on a hunt for food, water, and shelter. They can squeeze through tiny holes around doors, windows, vents, chimneys, flooring, and many other spots.

The most common rats and mice in Nashua are the white-footed mouse, the house mouse, and the Norway rat. According to news reports, the rodent population is on the rise in New Hampshire. One reason is that they multiply quickly and often. If they are in your home, they are breeding in your home. Because rats and mice like to chew flooring, walls, and other wood items, as well as drywall, wires, and fabrics, they can do a lot of damage.

Rats and mice also scurry across your counters, searching for crumbs and entering your cabinets to access food, ruining groceries. Outdoors, rats can damage shingles, spouting, and vents. Call the experts for help as soon as you see signs of a mouse or rat.

Inspection: We locate every possible entry point in your home, from holes the size of quarters, which mice can squeeze through, to larger openings. We also assess any damages.

Removal: We follow local and state guidelines when getting rid of rats and mice in your home. We use safe and humane trapping.

Repair: Common damages we see caused by rodents include chewing on wood and wires, scratching, damaged dry goods, and nests found in ductwork and vents, causing fire hazards. We repair those, and also seal every access point into your home and implement storage methods that prevent rodents from getting into your cabinets.

Squirrel Removal in Nashua

Squirrels are also rodents that can cause damage to your home, inside and out. In Nashua, we have fox, gray, and red squirrels as well as Northern and Southern flying squirrels. You may watch them in your yard, gathering food and materials. They stuff their cheeks with anything from apples, nuts, berries, and pinecones to leaves and nesting materials.

As they collect items, they must store them somewhere. They could be keeping them in or on your home. Chimneys, vents, and attics are perfect spots. Inside your home, squirrels can plug pipes, ducts, and vents. They chew wires and wood and shred insulation. Outside, they chew on eaves and siding to get into your walls and attic. They scratch and dent gutters and spouting, damage electrical wires and shingles, and tear up gardens.

We can help!

Inspection: We understand the habits of squirrels, how they scavenge, and their preferences for food and shelter. We identify all of these, plus find out how they are getting into your home. We also look for damages caused by squirrels.

Removal: We use our CritterSafe traps to remove squirrels from your home and implement exclusion methods to keep them out. We follow our local and state guidelines for each species of squirrel.

Repair: We remove squirrel nests and feces in your home. We clean the area and seal all entry points. Typical damages include torn screens and fences, nests in chimneys and vents, and broken gutters. We often remove or relocate bird feeders and fence small gardens. Clearing debris, trimming trees, and installing barriers on your roof and trees are options to reduce squirrel activity.

Bat Removal in Nashua

We have at least eight species of bats in Nashua. Some are on the state endangered list, like the little brown bat and the tricolored bat. Certain statuses require special knowledge when attempting to remove bats from your home or property.

Bats need a warm space to roost. Attics and barns make the perfect space, especially during maternity season from May to August. Bats cannot be removed or forced out during this time. Bats also look for areas near consistent food and water resources. They eat insects, so pole lights, stagnant water, and anything that attracts bugs will also attract bats.

The biggest problem with bats is the guano they drop in your attic, barn, or shed. They eat thousands of insects each night, so it is understandable why they poop a lot. They even poop while roosting upside down, letting the guano run down their bodies. Guano can harbor mold spores that cause respiratory problems if inhaled by humans.

For this reason, and because bats can carry rabies, you must call animal control experts to help remove bats from your home.

Inspection: Locating bats is simple. Assessing the proper removal method may take more time.

Removal: Outside of maternity season, bats will typically leave on their own. However, if they don’t, we have the equipment and tools to provide safe and humane removal.

Repair: One of our first tasks is to clean the areas that have guano buildup. We focus on exclusion methods that prevent bats from roosting in your home or building in the future. This involves sealing all entrances into your space. We also reduce outdoor lighting, when possible, to attract fewer insects.

Woodchuck/Groundhog Removal in Nashua

Woodchucks, or groundhogs, can be found throughout Nashua. You see their heads popping up in fields, and then quickly, they disappear. You may even see them hurrying across the street from time to time, avoiding traffic.

When you see them, they are out and about, searching for food to take back to their home, which is underground. Groundhogs prefer to make a home under a shed, barn, or even your house. They dig multiple tunnels, giving them access to their underground den at several locations.

The problem is that the tunnels destroy the foundation of your house, shed, or other structure. Groundhogs can move hundreds of pounds of dirt when they are burrowing. Depending on your type of foundation, your home could be sitting on uneven ground. You will know it soon enough because your foundation will shift and cracks will form. Eventually, your house may fall.

Groundhogs also wreak havoc on your garden. They create large holes in fields, causing severe damage to tractors and farm equipment. If horses or livestock step in a groundhog hole, it can be a costly vet bill.

Here’s how we can help.

Inspection: Our experts locate all holes and burrows created by groundhogs. We test for current activity and assess damages to your fields, garden, home, and other structures.

Removal: We use CritterSafe custom traps that are humane and safe to remove the groundhog.

Repair: Fencing is one of the best exclusion methods to keep groundhogs out. The fence must be placed a few feet into the ground so that when the groundhog digs, it meets the fence each time. Filling in holes in the ground can be done, but each entry should have fencing to prevent the groundhog from reopening the spot, which they can do in a matter of minutes.

How Professional Wildlife Control Services Can Help You

We will assess possible foundation problems and refer you to a reputable contractor who can complete repairs if needed.

Calling the experts for help is a must. They can:

  • Safely handle the feces and urine left behind by nuisance wildlife.
  • Use humane processes to remove an animal.
  • Repair any damages caused by wildlife, so you don’t have to call for extra help.

Why Choose Critter Control

Choosing Critter Control means you get:

  • Extensively trained experts on all nuisance wildlife
  • Licensed and insured professionals
  • Prompt and friendly service