Bats in Western Massachusetts

All nine species of bats that live in Massachusetts are insectivores. If you find a bat in the livable parts of your house, it is there by mistake. Try to isolate the bat in the room and open a window. The bat wants to exit your house just as badly as you want it to.

The most common place to find a bat in your Western Massachusetts home is the attic.

When is Bat Season in Western Massachusetts?

During the spring and summer, some bat species roost in maternity colonies. If you have a bat in your house during the spring and summer, it is the Little Brown Bat or the Big Brown Bat. Occasionally the Northern Long-eared bat may enter a building. Rarely Tri-colored Bats roost ins your home.

Little Brown Bats and Big Brown Bats roost in attics to raise their young. The warmth of the attic is a perfect temperature for the pups.

What Do Bats Do During the Winter in Western Massachusetts

During the winter, bats either hibernate or migrate. The Big Brown Bat is the only bat to stay in Massachusetts year-round. The Big Brown Bat needs to find a warm, safe place to hibernate. Traditionally those have been mines and caves. But attics share all similar qualities as a cave.  

How Do Bats Get into Attics?

Bats are small and it is not difficult for them to squeeze through the tiniest crevasses in your home. Unlike rodents or raccoons, bats cannot create their own entrance. The most common places bats enter a home are where soffits under a roof return, chimneys, construction gaps along fascia boards and gable vents.

Bat Eviction

You cannot exterminate bats in Massachusetts. The only humane way to get rid of bats from you attic is with a bat valve. All bats that roost in mines are considered endangered.

The bats in your home will be humanely excluded using one-way doors or check-valves. We identify where the bats are entering and then install these devices over the bat entry points, so when the bats leave at night to feed, they can’t re-enter.

Because bats are protected in Massachusetts, there are restrictions when you can evict a bat colony. You can only get rid of bats during the month of March or from August 1 to mid-October.