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Wildlife Removal Services in Atlanta

Critter Control specializes in wildlife pest control. After a thorough home inspection, we create a custom wildlife control strategy to humanely remove the nuisance animal from your home and ensure the animal cannot return.

Wild Animal Removal

Safe, humane removal of nuisance animals and pests from your home or property.

Wildlife Prevention

Reliable prevention from future animal intrusions in your home.

Animal Damage Repairs 

Professional and permanent repairs to entry points, insulation, and damage from animal urine or feces.

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Common Atlanta Wildlife Problems

Atlanta, Georgia, is a hub for both people and pests, including these common nuisance animals. 

Squirrel Removal

Squirrels in Atlanta thrive year-round because of Georgia's mild winters. Managing a squirrel intrusion is difficult because of their expert climbing and digging ability. They will nest in attics and vents if they’re able to access the home. 

Inspection- Gnaw marks on, in, or around your home. Small openings to attics or the crawl space. Droppings. Debris like nuts or nesting materials.
Trapping & Removal- Live trapping, deterrents, one-way doors.
Repairs- exculsion services focus on repairing entry points. Removing debris, repairing nest sites, decontaminating droppings and urine.

Bat Removal 

Georgia is home to sixteen bat specieis, but the little or big brown bats are most common in Atlanta homes. These local species gather in large colonies in attics and barns to roost. Bat maternity season lasts from April 1st to July 31st. During this time only certified Nuisance Wildlife Control Operators can remove bats on account of flightless pups. 

Inspection- Small squeaking sounds. Piles of droppings in one corner of the house. Stains on walls and strong ammonia smell.
Trapping & Removing- Generally you can only remove a bat if its in the livable part of your home. Most likely one way doors will be employed once the bats offspring have reached maturity.
Repairs- sealing entry points. Disinfecting area under roost from accumulation of guano. 

Building a bat house is an excellent way to support bats on your property but keep them out of your home.

Raccoon Removal

Raccoons have adapted well to urban areas, making raccoon removal a difficult task in the Atlanta area. These resourceful pests find meals by raiding trash, gardens, or stealing pet food. Raccoons will take shelter in chimneys and attics if access isn’t denied.  

Female raccoons will seek out shelter during breeding season. Breeding season peaks in February and March but can happen anytime between December and June. Raccoons are nocturnal, but a female will be active during the day to forage for food if she has a litter. 

If you see a raccoon during the day in the spring or hear an increase in chattering from your attic, you likely have a raccoon den. 

Inspection- looking for footprints in or around home, large openings, raccoon poop
Trapping & Removal- Live trapping most effective and humane
Repairs- Seal all entry points. Restore attic insultation. 

Rodent Pest Control

Rats and mice are the most typical pest animal to be in your home. Proximity to water and buildings with plenty of entry holes (roof rats are capable of squeezing through holes only 3/4" in diameter) allow the pests to travel freely and breed rapidly.

They are excellent jumpers and will readily chew through wood or burrow beneath ground level to enter a structure. Once inside, they run up the interior of a wall cavity to enter the upper portion of the home or business. Mice and rats can contaminate food with waste, spread disease, and destroy property.

Successful rodent pest control requires more than a few traps. Because rodents breed rapidly, you need a strategic rat trap plan. 

Inspection- Noises such as scurrying and rat or mouse droppings most prominent signs you have a rodent infestation
Trapping- Variety of traps available. Effective trapping considers types of trap, placement, and bait. 
Repairs- Caulking cracks, capping chimneys, installing mesh over vents, decontimating latrine sites. 

Snake in your Home

If you have a snake in your home, you have another animal pest problem. Snakes generally enter a home looking for food. Snakes will also enter your home to explore, shed its skin, or as a temporary refuge. Removing the snake’s food source is the ideal way to remove a snake.

Inspection- snake skins, snake droppings, odor,  
Trapping & Removing- Live traps and direct capture are effective methods. Most non-venomous snakes are protected from killing. Eliminating any prey species and sealing potential entry points help keep snakes from re-entering your home.

Chipmunks Control

Chipmunks generally hibernate during the winter in Atlanta. Chipmunks mate twice a year. The first litter of two to five kits is born in April and May; the second litter in July and August. 

Chipmunks pose no real danger to human. They rarely enter homes but will explore basements and crawlspaces for food. The more pressing threat is damage to lawns and gardens. Their burrows are quite extensive that include areas for sleeping, storing food, defecating, and give birth.

There are all sorts of chipmunk repellents, deterrents, and baits on the market, but these do little to truly get rid of chipmunks.

You need a much more robust and dedicated plan to get rid of these pests To keep chipmunks away from homes and gardens, cover vulnerable areas with hardware cloth or wire mesh and seal any cracks or holes along exterior walls.

Moving bird feeders away from homes also discourages chipmunks from burrowing near human dwellings. The odor of moth balls may also repel the rodents.

If you suspect you have a wildlife intrusion on your residential or commercial property, contact our professionals at Critter Control of Atlanta today!  

Critter Control of Atlanta

Critter Control provides professional wildlife control services for Atlanta and surrounding suburban areas. We’re proud to have served the Atlanta area for more than 30 years. Our trained specialists use the most effective tools and techniques in the industry, including safe and humane animal exclusion, removal, and damage repair.  

We understand the danger of wild animal intrusions to the residents and businesses of Atlanta. Critter Control of Atlanta is dedicated to the safety of our customers, which means accurately identifying the problem and taking appropriate action as soon as possible. If you have an animal intrusion problem on your residential or commercial property, contact Critter Control of Atlanta as soon as possible.  

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