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Wildlife Trapping & Removal Services

Critter Control of Atlanta specializes in trapping and removal of local wildlife. 24/7 Emergency Service Calls Available.

Atlanta, GA, is a hub for both people and pests, especially mice, Norway rats, and raccoons. These pests all forage in outdoor garbage bins and spread potentially fatal diseases to citizens. Birds like pigeons and geese are also a major problem in the city. Their droppings contaminate public spaces, and their nests create fire hazards when found in places like home gutters and attics. Finally, snakes and armadillos are common in Atlanta, as well. Snakes are dangerous because they bite when they feel threatened, and venomous species can be deadly. Armadillos dig up lawns and carry leprosy.

Bat Removal in Atlanta

When people find bats in Atlanta homes, little or big brown bats are usually to blame. These local species gather in large colonies in attics and barns, creating foul smells and increasing the risk of rabies and histoplasmosis for residents. For safe and effective bat removal in Atlanta, trust the specialists at Critter Control.

Raccoon Removal in Atlanta

While building projects often push out native wildlife, a few animals learn to adapt to urban areas. This is why raccoon removal in Atlanta has become such a pressing need. These resourceful pests find meals by raiding trash, gardens, or pet food and take shelter in chimneys and attics. Getting rid of raccoons in Atlanta starts with a call to Critter Control.

Squirrel Removal in Atlanta

Squirrels in Atlanta thrive year-round because of Georgia's mild winters. Due to the pests' ability to both climb up home siding and dig under fences, homeowners may have a hard time controlling an infestation. Turn to the wildlife technicians at Critter Control for reliable squirrel removal in Atlanta.

Rodent & Rat Control

Critter Control of Atlanta provides non-chemical roof rat trapping and exclusion. We begin with a thorough inspection from the rooftop to the crawl space and after the main entry points are located, we begin trapping the rats and follow up by sealing off any entry points and repairing any damage they have caused.

Roof rats are capable of squeezing through holes only 3/4" in diameter. They are excellent jumpers and will readily chew through wood or burrow beneath ground level to enter a structure. Once inside, they run up the interior of a wall cavity to enter the upper portion of the home or business.

We do not recommend the use of rodenticides as they cause rodents to die within structures in areas that are inaccessible causing long term odor problems or insect infestations. Calling Critter Control of Atlanta's trapping and exclusion system is your best method to eliminate a current rodent infestation and prevent a new one.

About Us

Critter Control of Atlanta is a family owned and operated franchise. We are licensed, bonded and insured. Critter Control of Atlanta is a full service organization. We not only remove or exclude the unwanted animals, but follow up on our work by completely repairing wildlife damage. We have a biologist on staff to assist with all of your wildlife concerns and our office staff is knowledgeable and able to address many of your questions. Our wildlife technicians are experienced and capable of taking care of your animal control needs and recommending methods to keep any future wildlife from entering your home or business.

Critter Control of Atlanta has proudly served the Metro Atlanta Area for over 30 Years! Senior and Veteran Discounts Available.

Call today to schedule an appointment. All repair work comes with a 3 year renewable and transferable warranty. Proudly serving the Metro Atlanta Area for over 30 Years!

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Critter Control of Atlanta Wildlife Technicians are experts in squirrel and rodent removal and exclusion! All of our repair work comes with a warranty. 24/7 Animal Removal Emergency Services Available.

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