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Typical Nuisance Wildlife Questions with Gene and Stacie Kepes

Can you please describe the most common wildlife issues that homeowners face in Southwest Florida?

Rats, raccoons, and armadillos. Animals in the attic, in conflict with pets and/or outdoor family activities, or getting into trash.

How do the seasons affect nuisance wildlife activity near Fort Myers and Cape Coral?
The summer rainy season does displace wildlife. In the springtime, the drought sends wildlife looking for fresh water. Our mild climate makes nuisance animals active year-round.

What are some common signs of nuisance wildlife activity?
Scratching in the attic, digging near bushes and/or lawns, soffit damage, and droppings in the attic.

Any prevention or exclusion tips for local residents in your area?
Pick up all fallen fruit from around trees/yards, treat lawns for grubs, and be cautious when feeding birds, as these things can bring in nuisance wildlife.

When should homeowners call Critter Control?
As soon as they hear noises or see animal signs. We are open 24/7 for all needs.

Wildlife Problems in Ft. Myers, FL

The mild climate in Southwest Florida lets wildlife thrive year-round. While roaming neighborhoods searching for food, some pests may end up inside houses. Several nuisance species are a headache for local residents.

Bats Seeking Roosts

As residential developments expand in Florida, bats often turn to buildings for a place to roost. They typically come indoors through small holes in roofs or broken vents. Homeowners with bat problems usually notice a foul odor and dark stains around the pests' entry points.

Adaptive Squirrels

Over time, these rodents have adapted to urban areas in Southwest Florida. Loose fascia boards and damaged soffits allow them into attics and crawl spaces. A squirrel infestation often results in secondary pest issues because of the fleas and ticks these rodents bring inside.

Hungry Raccoons

Southwest Florida homeowners with unsecured garbage cans, gardens, or compost on their properties are at risk for raccoons. The pests may enter homes by way of pet doors or weak spots in roofs. Raccoon dens under decks, porches, and sheds are common as well.

Florida Rat and Skunk Damage

With warm, humid weather, Southwest Florida is a magnet for rodents. Indoors, roof rats contaminate food and stain surfaces with their waste. Although skunks rarely get into houses, this pest can also come into conflict with residents. These animals use pungent skunk spray as a defense and may also carry rabies.

Wild Hogs in Ft. Myers

Found in all of the state's 67 counties, wild hogs are unwelcome guests in Ft. Myers, FL. These invasive pests enjoy the local climate and terrain, seeking water during warm weather and sunny fields on colder days. Feral hogs breed quickly and their feeding and rooting activity damage yards.

Opossum Issues

The opossum is another common pest in Florida yards. These animals often live around humans, taking shelter in garages and under decks. Opossums will eat whatever is on hand, including trash, pet food, or garden fruits and vegetables.

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