Skunk Removal in San Jose

The Bay Area has two types of skunks, striped and spotted. Skunks are nonagressive animals. If a skunk is passing through your yard, you are more likely to smell it, than see it. Skunks are members of the weasel family and can spray a foul-smelling chemical up to ten feet. The defensive spray can be hard to get rid of, and the smell can last months.

Skunk Activity in San Jose

Skunks are most active in the spring and the fall. Spring is their mating season. During the fall, the skunks born earlier in the year have grown large enough to venture out on their own. Additionally, skunks are preparing for winter by eating a lot to bulk up. 

Skunk Dens Under Your House

Skunks may create a den under your porch, deck, or in your crawlspace. They also prefer brush and log piles. They are most active at dusk, where they may be found digging up your yard or garden, searching for insects, rodents, mushrooms, fruits, and even garbage.