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Critter Control of Northern Arizona

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Serving the Northern Arizona Area

Pest & Wildlife Problems in Northern Arizona

Animals in Attics

Squirrels & Rodents

Northern Arizona has cooler weather than the rest of the state. This climate often causes wildlife pests to take refuge in attics. Homeowners may discover squirrels and other rodents in their living spaces, along with damage caused by the pests' behavior and waste.

Residents often find a squirrel or rodent in the upper levels of the home. Once inside, these animals damage wiring and insulation. A squirrel or rat, along with its parasites, can also transmit diseases to both humans and pets.

Bats in Arizona

There are several bat species common to northern Arizona. These pests enter attics through gaps in roofs or eaves. Bats will live in homes when roosting sites in their natural habitats are scarce.

These animals create serious issues for Arizona residents when they enter attics. In addition to being rabies carriers, bats spread histoplasmosis through airborne spores in their droppings. Bat guano buildup beneath a roost also causes foul odors and stains.

Raccoons in Arizona

The dry, desert climate of Northern Arizona makes any neighborhood the ideal place for a raccoon. This nocturnal pest often scours trash cans and gardens for food and water. Raccoons take shelter under porches and decks and also use attics as denning sites. These animals can be vectors of disease and will bite or scratch if threatened.

Wildlife Pests in Flagstaff

Bats in the Area

Flagstaff, AZ, is ideal for bats as the pests prefer warm, dry climates. Homeowners who find bat droppings indoors are at risk for contact with these animals and the diseases they carry. People who inhale particles from dried guano may develop a serious respiratory illness.

Squirrel Pests

Residents of Flagstaff may notice several species of squirrels around their homes. Both ground- and tree-dwelling varieties commonly damage property. Tree squirrels often break into attics or build nests in gutters. Ground squirrels burrow in lawns and gardens, ruining tidy landscaping.

Nuisance Raccoons

During mating season in Flagstaff, raccoons search out nesting sites to raise their young. These pests frequently dig under sheds or climb into chimneys and attic. Even when it does not have pups to defend, an adult raccoon will still bite if threatened. As a result, approaching these animals is dangerous at any time of year.

Arizona Skunks

In recent years, skunks in Flagstaff, AZ, have been at the center of rabies outbreaks in urban and suburban areas. These pests are scavengers that eat carrion, including the carcasses of rabid bats. Once it contracts the virus, a skunk can spread rabies to other wildlife, pets, and even humans.

Flagstaff neighborhoods offer both food and shelter for these animals, bringing them in close proximity to homes and yards. Rabies spreads quickly when healthy and infected skunks den in the same areas or compete for resources.

Bothersome Badgers

Badgers live throughout Arizona. The pests often damage yards by digging holes to catch rodents. They also raid gardens to feed on plants. Homeowners usually only see a badger at dusk or dawn because the animal stays in its den during the day.

Badgers are not aggressive, but many people find them unpleasant. Most Flagstaff residents only spot the holes these pests leave behind while hunting for food. Similar to a skunk, a badger uses its scent glands as a form of defense.


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