Image of a Weasel

What Noises Do Weasels Make?

Weasel sounds serve a variety of purposes. Loud, high-pitched squeaking is usually a response to a threat, while trills and low whistles are friendly greetings. Noises range from soft barks and hisses to chirps and calls.

Problems with Weasel Noises

When frightened or cornered, weasels may hiss or create shrill warning squeals. Many species are nocturnal, so these noises often occur at night. Loud weasel sounds in the yard can keep residents awake.

Getting Rid of Weasels

These animals are a nuisance to homeowners for more reasons than just annoying weasel noises. The pests destroy lawns by digging burrows and often raid backyard chicken coops for both eggs and chicks. Setting traps or putting up fences may keep weasels out, but these methods do not always work.

The team at Critter Control can assist residents in identifying weasel sounds and creating a plan to exclude these clever pests.

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