Signs of Voles in the Yard

Infestations of voles in the yard tend to go unnoticed until plants begin dying, which is the result of the pests consuming their root systems and a sign that a large number of the animals are present. Property owners may also be alerted to vole presence by trails of clipped grass after snow melt and the girdling of ornamental lawn trees. Girdling is the process of stripping bark from healthy trees for consumption, which exposes the layer of wood underneath and leaves trees susceptible to diseases. Finally, vole droppings can be found in abundance on infested properties. The rodent's excrement looks similar to rice and is either brown or green in color.

Removal of Infestations

Once vole infestations are apparent, property owners should act quickly to remove populations before lawn vegetation is completely destroyed. Amateur attempts to control the rodents often don't combat vole infestations long-term, and improper handling of the pests can result in injury and the spread of disease. As such, the best solution to the presence of voles in the yard is to contact professional wildlife services. With plenty of on-the-job experience to back up their methods, teams of Critter Control experts remove voles in a timely and effective manner.


Vole lawn damage:
vole tunnel damage


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