Voles move and dig throughout the day but are most active at dawn and dusk. Since they travel beneath the ground and through underbrush, these animals are difficult to locate by sight. Knowing what vole noises sound like may help to identify the pests.

Do Voles Make Noise?

As they scurry through their burrows, voles aren’t completely silent. In fact, predators like owls have sensitive hearing and can locate the rustling sounds made by voles crawling in their tunnels. Most of the time, vole sounds caused by movement are too quiet for humans to hear.

What Does a Vole Sound Like?

For these social rodents, vole noises are a primary means of communication. When frightened or in danger, the pests emit chirps similar to those made by mice. However, the high frequency of many vole sounds is beyond the human hearing range.

Vole Problems

These pests burrow in yards to eat roots, seeds, and flower bulbs. If left alone, the rodents can cause extensive garden damage. Homeowners dealing with vole problems should contact the wildlife experts at Critter Control.

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