Voles are bothersome in any yard, but they become particularly problematic in orchards, gardens, and lawns with a large number of ornamental trees. As their diets consist mainly of vegetation, voles stunt the growth of trees and devastate crop yields. Additionally, they construct extensive systems of surface runways that ruin the landscaping on private properties, parks, and golf courses. Given their destructive natures, many commercially available repellents and toxicants have been developed to help property owners ward off the rodents.

Vole Repellents

The most common vole repellents contain capsaicin, or the substance found in peppers that makes them hot. These products are meant to be applied to the base of trees to discourage girdling. However, even though vole repellents affect the amount of damage the rodents are able to do in any given yard, they are unpredictably effective and unhelpful as a means of long-term control. Voles either persist despite the pain the capsaicin causes them or develop a tolerance over time.

Vole Baits

Anticoagulants are the safest toxicants available because they are slow-acting and have effective antidotes. If children or household pets accidentally ingest this product, it very rarely results in death. However, since anticoagulants require five to 15 days and multiple doses to take effect, they are not a practical means of vole control. Without the proper training, applying vole baits to yards is dangerous.

Why You Need a Professional

Given their sporadic effectiveness and risky nature, vole repellents and baits are often unsatisfying solutions to infestations. Instead of jeopardizing the health of house residents and ineffectively wiping out vole populations, property owners should contact professional pest services to take care of any problems. With the proper training and equipment, specialists are able to safely and competently eradicate infestations of voles.

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