Types of Traps

Voles are herbivorous pests that feed on grasses, herbs, seeds, and grains. Their diets lead them to cause extensive damage to gardens, orchards, ornamental lawn trees, and expensive landscaping. Property owners can attempt to circumvent this destruction by utilizing commercially available traps. Trapping methods commonly used on mice and rats may also work to combat vole presence.

Trapping Voles

In order to successfully trap voles, property owners must strategically place the traps around yards. Snap and pit traps typically yield the best results and must be placed directly in the pests’ tunnel systems. However, since the wrong placement of traps can render them more or less useless and checking to see if voles have been trapped is time consuming, individuals are better off contacting professional pest control services when faced with infestations. Trained specialists have the tools to eradicate vole presence safely and economically.

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