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How to Get Raccoons Out of Crawl Spaces

Raccoons are nuisances. They tear up trash cans and spread garbage on lawns while searching for food. The pests can also carry rabies and transmit parasites. To make matters worse, raccoons often use secluded areas around homes for their dens. A raccoon in a crawl space is bad news for residents.

One of the most effective ways to avoid having a raccoon in a crawl space is keeping them out in the first place. Regular crawl space inspection and repair is the best way to prevent problems. Adding a mesh screen behind deck or porch skirting also keeps other pests from creeping indoors.

Raccoon Roundworm

Raccoons in crawl spaces soil their dens with waste, and parasites like roundworm are typically present in raccoon feces. Roundworm eggs infiltrate whatever they rest on, including the dirt floor of a crawl space. Cleaning up after a raccoon infestation requires protective gear to avoid infection.

Raccoon Control

It is important to remember that even though raccoons may look cute, they are still wild animals. They can become hostile if approached, especially when protecting their young. Homeowners with raccoons in crawl spaces should contact Critter Control to remove the pests safely.

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