• Finch

What does a House Finch sound like?  

The presence of bird feeders, gardens, and fruit trees draws house finches to lawns. While most property owners don't mind visits from these birds, the pests cause damage by constructing nests within the cracks and crevices of buildings. Their nesting materials are highly flammable and put homes at increased risk of catching fire. Additionally, they soil walls and roofs with their droppings and make disruptive noises.

Finch Noises

House finches make long, sharp, cheeping sounds. Their songs are typically three seconds long and composed of short notes. They are particularly cheerful and noisy in groups or during flight. In comparison to other types of finches, house finches sing less often.

Problems & Removal

Since house finches travel in large groups, their presence often results in unwanted noise. Furthermore, the birds produce droppings that blemish properties and contribute to the spread of disease. Avoid these problems by contacting Critter Control when you hear finch sounds and noises that indicate an infestation problem. Our trained wildlife control specialists can effectively handle finch removal.

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