What does flying squirrel poop look like?

Flying squirrel droppings look like little pellets. They are typically brown or black in color and may be moist if fresh. Flying squirrels can live in colonies up to twenty. They tend to designate one area as a latrine and defecate in a single area.

Problems with Flying Squirrel Droppings

Since flying squirrel droppings are linked to the spread of typhus, which causes headaches, fevers, and rashes, individuals should be very cautious when they find the pests’ fecal matter. Additionally, the feces stain walls, floors, and personal belongings.

Droppings Are a Sign of Infestation

Typically, when property owners find flying squirrel droppings in or around homes, infestations of the pest are present. Because of flying squirrel latrines, the piles of poop will not only create strong odors, but their feces and urine can seep down your walls.

Flying squirrels often move into attics or wall voids to raise their young and cause several issues by spreading diseases, gnawing on electrical wiring, making sounds throughout the night, and letting their droppings accumulate. Once individuals suspect flying squirrels are present, they should contact Critter Control. Our technicians remove infestations as quickly as possible.

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