Problems & Damage

Flying squirrels force their way into homes and set up dens inside walls by chewing, squeezing through, or burrowing into drywall and woodwork. Once there, they build nests, which often requires gnawing on wooden studs and digging out insulation. The resulting damage is costly for homeowners. Flying squirrels also leave behind their bacteria-infested droppings and carry parasites inside that spread diseases like Lyme disease, typhus, and plague.

Prevention & Removal

Sealing all points of entry is the best way to reduce the possibility of finding flying squirrels in the walls. Additionally, property owners can cut tree branches that hang over roofs, get caps for chimneys, and make sure all vents are properly sealed. If faced with infestations of flying squirrels in the walls, individuals should contact the professionals at Critter Control to handle removal.

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