What Does a Chimney Swift Sound Like?

Chimney swifts are small birds with narrow, curved wings. They primarily feed on airborne insects such as bees, beetles, flies, and fleas. As their name suggests, they like to nest in chimneys as well as other enclosed, vertically oriented spaces with dim lighting. Chimney swifts can easily enter uncovered chimneys and grip the textured walls with their unique feet and legs.

Chimney Swift Noises

Common chimney swift sounds primarily consist of a twittering call produced by a series of rapid, high-pitched chirps. Each call lasts about three seconds. In groups, the chirping can sound like buzzing insects. When their colonies are disturbed, adult chimney swifts slap their wings together to create a loud booming noise, while nestlings make raspy sounds.

Problems & Removal

Since chimney swifts carry a number of external and internal parasites, their presence is unwelcome. As such, homeowners should contact professional wildlife control as soon as they hear any chimney swift sounds. In addition to being licensed to remove these federally protected birds, the technicians at Critter Control can offer tips on preventing future infestations.

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