Beaver Tracks in Yards

People residing near water often notice signs of beavers on their property. Beaver tracks clearly indicate that these rodents are close by. The pests’ prints sometimes appear in muddy areas next to rivers, streams, and marshes.

What Do Beaver Footprints Look Like?

Beaver tracks in snow or mud are distinct because the animals have webbed hind feet that leave behind triangular prints. As they move, their front paws create hand-like indents. Additionally, a beaver’s flat tail may drag through its prints and obscure them, especially beaver tracks in snow.

Additional Signs

Those who spot beaver tracks are likely to see girdled trees and felled logs as well. Beavers have a specific way of gnawing tree stumps, leaving them with a unique, chiseled point. These clues in combination with beaver prints are a strong indication of an active lodge nearby.

Beaver Removal

Residents can reduce populations of beavers by planting foliage incompatible with the animal’s diet. Traps are an option, but some types are dangerous and require experience to set properly. These animals are rarely hostile, but under the right conditions, can be dangerous to people. Contact Critter Control for help identifying beaver tracks and removing nuisance wildlife.

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