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Listen to animal sounds and wildlife calls to help identify nuisance wildlife. 

There are wildlife species that have adapted to live in urban and suburban environments. Some of these animals like squirrels and birds are prevalent and quite obvious. Other urban wildlife like coyotes, raccoons, or skunks are present but more elusive to see.

If you have an animal living in your home or on your property, you probably will not see that animal. But you will find evidence of it. The top compliant people have about a nuisance wildlife issue is hearing animal sounds and noises.

What noises do animals make in your home?

The most common wildlife that live among people can all make a variety of noises. Raccoons have over 200 vocalizations they use to communicate. Hearing the noise and when you heard it, can help identify the animals on your property or in your house.

Identifying Animal Noises

Hearing scratching sounds in the night? Strange noises in the attic or walls? Chances are, you've got a new furry (or feathery) friend living in your home. Many animals move into homes looking for food or shelter and end up getting a little too comfortable.

What animals make noises at night?

Raccoons, opossums, rats, mice, bats, and skunks are nocturnal animals that you will most likely have a human-wildlife conflict with. Coyotes, bobcats, and foxes are also nocturnal but are much more rare.
Homeowners can also experience problems with squirrels and birds. Tree squirrels and some birds are diurnal. 

What animals make chirping noises?

Squirrels and birds like chimney swifts will make chirping noises. When squirrel kits feel distressed, they make bird-like chirping noises.  Opossums make clicking noises when they’re trying to attract a mage.

What animal make clicking sounds?

Bats, opossums, and birds can make clicking sounds at night. In an enclosed space like an attic, people can hear the clicks and chirps from a bat.   

What animals make squeaking noises?

Squeaking noises might be the most common animal sound. Squirrels, bats, mice, rats, birds, and baby raccoons can all make a high pitched squeaking noise. It is not uncommon for people to think they heard one animal species but actually have another nuisance wildlife issue.

What animals making screaming noises at night?

Coyotes, bobcats, and foxes all can make noises that sound like a scream. Male red foxes make noises similar to the sound of a screaming woman to warn off competing mates. A coyote howl is long, high-pitched. Bobcats can make loud yowls and screams. Some birds like starlings can make screaming sounds.

What animal makes screeching noises at night?

Screeching at night is not a common animal noise homeowners will hear. Opossums, skunks and the Eastern Screech Owl can make screech noises at night. Opossums and skunks are usually silent to avoid detection.



This company has been great. The technician Kensi was very through and checked everywhere to make sure all access points were found. After a skunk was found in the trap on a Saturday morning they came to pick it up very quickly.
Michael was super friendly and knowledgeable. He checked my entire house and recommended and installed the solution within an hour.
We are under contract with your company and so far they are doing a fine job. Many thanks.
Excellent work environment full of presence of God. Professional and dedicated staff. A good place if you want to have your children in a place where Christian values are protected and encouraged.
Great company and amazing service, the staff is extremely knowledgeable and friendly! Thank you to the staff and especially to Bubba for taking care of my property and giving it that "personal touch" to rid and maintain it from pests and bugs! Appreciate you guys and look forward to continuing business together! Thank you!
So when I went to have my insulation replaced I figured out that I had a critter problem that was beyond anything I was aware of. Not wanting to waste time I decided to call a professional and these guys were really good from day one. From the gentleman who gave the estimate to both of the guys that came out and did the work there was great communication and they were very effective at what they did. One little thing got missed and all it took was one text message and somebody was out the next day to take care of it. They always text me when they're on their way or going to be at the house and they let me know what they found along with photographs. My first thought when they gave me the quote was wow that was a lot of money and I didn't want to spend that much and now that I've had them do the service I feel like it's worth every penny and it's actually pretty damn reasonable considering the number of times that they come out and all the things that they do take care of.
I had an issue with squirrels getting into a small section of roofing without access from the attic or inside of the home. Critter control was a huge help in solving the issue, especially thanks to Brandon and Nate. Ended up catching 3 squirrels living in the roof plus they seal the entrance point after all is said and done. I would absolutely recommend critter control, Brandon and Nate did a stellar job.
Dominick was very friendly and he consistently put on his shoe covers each time he entered the house. He looked over every inch of the storage room where we thought the animal was and did a walk around the yard to see if there was evidence of entry. He was very thorough. He did not find any animal at that time. He said he would leave a trap and review the outside area of the house over the next week. It was the next day that the smell in our storage room indicated that the animal had died. We followed the small and discovered a dead bird in an open storage bin. I would highly recommend Dominick for 'Critter Control'. Thank you, Valerie
Great explanations regarding findings, friendly, quality work! Each encounter with their tech has been professional and educational.
your representative (Dominic) was very friendly and quickly removed the dying raccoon from our outdoor window-well. He also shared information with us regarding raccoons on their behavior, what they liked/disliked, and provided information on how to disinfect the area the raccoon had been trapped in for a couple of days. I'd rate him 9 stars if I could. -pja
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