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Critters have the uncanny knack of making their homes in less than ideal places. Many animals will happily make the home under the house. Unfortunately, these unwelcome visitors can lead to unpleasant odors and other issues for the residents of the house.

Let’s explore the types of animals found under the house. Plus, how to remove them.

What Types of Animals are Found under the House?

The space underneath your house presents the perfect opportunity for many animals to create a cozy home. Although it might seem dank and dark to you, some critters enjoy the security offered by the bulk of your home overhead.

Here are a few of the most common critters that you’ll find under the house:

  • Skunks. Skunks may find the perfect spot to create a den under the house.  
  • Raccoons. Raccoons enjoy taking shelter in the crawlspace and area under your porch.
  • Opossums. Opossums may use the space under your house to sleep until night falls.
  • Chipmunks. Chipmunks can burrow under the house to cause structural damage in pursuit of a home.
  • Rabbits. Rabbits may create a burrow under your porch or under your crawlspace.
  • Armadillos. Armadillos are nocturnal animals that may dig small burrows under the house.
  • Moles. Moles spend the majority of their time underground and may find themselves under your house, causing foundational issues with the tunnels they build.
  • Voles. Voles build elaborate tunnel systems which could lead them directly under your foundation.
  • Woodchucks. Woodchucks (or groundhogs) live in burrows dug straight down into the earth. Groundhogs prefer wide-open spaces like crop fields, meadows, pastures, near wooded areas, and even in weedy patches near roadways. 
  • Mice. Mice may set up shop under the house in order to have easy access to food stores within your home.
  • Rats. Rats may create burrows under the house to access the food within easily.

Each of these animals finds the area under your house as an ideal location to live in. But when these animals move in, they can bring unpleasant odors and dangerous diseases to your doorstep.

Why Do animals Get Under the House?

Primarily, animals choose to get under the house for the shelter it can provide them.

Most animals you’ll find under the house are likely making their way there to create a burrow or nest. The dark space offers shelter from the elements, making it the perfect spot to call home.

Beyond simple shelter, the space under your house provides close proximity to the food opportunities that come with human presence. For example, they may be chowing down on the food in your garden, eating the food left outside for pets, or taking advantage of any food available in your garbage.

How Do Animals Get Under the House?

Different animals get under the house in different ways. Here’s a closer look at a few examples.


Animals may find their way into your crawlspace if there is a big enough hole to squeeze in. Once inside, the critter may create a den.

In your crawlspace, a few animals you might find include raccoons, opossums, skunks, rabbits, mice, armadillos, and rats.

Under the porch

Like the crawlspace, the area under the porch is an ideal spot for many animals to create their home. If there are any holes available for an animal to slide into the porch, then you might have an unwelcome houseguest on your hands.

Some animals that enjoy making their home under the porch include raccoons, opossums, skunks, rabbits, mice, armadillos, rats, and skunks.

Under the foundation

The foundation of your home attracts a different kind of critter. Typically, you’ll find smaller mammals that build a series of tunnels underneath the foundation. Chipmunks and moles are great diggers that can get underneath the foundation of your home. Homeowners in the states like Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, Georgia, and Florida can experience armadillos digging under their foundation.

An animal burrow under your foundation can be a risk. You will need to trap and remove the animal. We use specific live traps to catch critters like chipmunks, moles, and armadillos. 

How to Get Rid of Animals Under the House?

After you’ve discovered that there are animals under the house, you’ll likely want to remove them as soon as possible. Not only can these animals bring diseases to your door, but they also create extremely unpleasant odors to contend with.

Let’s explore how you can get rid of animals under your home.

Get Animal Out of Crawlspaces

If you find an animal living in your crawlspace, it is critical to determine where the animal made its way in. As you look for entry points, you might be surprised by the size of the animal when compared to the hold.

Here’s how big a hole needs to be for an animal to squeeze through.

  • Quarter-inch to 1 inch. Mice and voles.
  • 1 inch to 2 inches. Chipmunks.
  • 2 inches to 3 inches. Rats.
  • 3 or more inches. Raccoons, rabbits, opossums, skunks, groundhogs, armadillos, and more.

Depending on the animal, you might remove it via trapping, installing a one-way door, or simply waiting for it to leave for food. But ultimately, you’ll need to ensure there are no entry holes available to any animals that might return. You mighte tempted to try an animal-repellent to encourage them to leave. We have found most DIY animal repellents either are ineffective (apple cider vingear) or dangerous (mothballs). 

Get Animal Out from Under Porch

If you find animals under the porch, the first step is to evict the critters. Once the animals are gone, you’ll need to create effective exclusions. Typically, these exclusions will include wire mesh, hardware cloth, and buried fences to prevent more animals from entering. 

Do not use chicken wire. Rats and snakes can easily get through it. Stronger animals like raccoons or opossums can break it. 

How to keep animals from digging holes around the foundation

If you spot small holes in the dirt around your foundation, then you might have animals living under the foundation.

The first step is to fill in any holes that you see to stop the current residents from returning. Additionally, you may need to treat the area with odor-producing chemicals that warn potential pests from making their home under your house.

When you have wild animals under your house, the type of animal will have a big impact on the appropriate wildlife removal strategy. If you need help identifying and resolving an animal infestation, then it’s smart to call in professional help.

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This company has been great. The technician Kensi was very through and checked everywhere to make sure all access points were found. After a skunk was found in the trap on a Saturday morning they came to pick it up very quickly.
Michael was super friendly and knowledgeable. He checked my entire house and recommended and installed the solution within an hour.
We are under contract with your company and so far they are doing a fine job. Many thanks.
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So when I went to have my insulation replaced I figured out that I had a critter problem that was beyond anything I was aware of. Not wanting to waste time I decided to call a professional and these guys were really good from day one. From the gentleman who gave the estimate to both of the guys that came out and did the work there was great communication and they were very effective at what they did. One little thing got missed and all it took was one text message and somebody was out the next day to take care of it. They always text me when they're on their way or going to be at the house and they let me know what they found along with photographs. My first thought when they gave me the quote was wow that was a lot of money and I didn't want to spend that much and now that I've had them do the service I feel like it's worth every penny and it's actually pretty damn reasonable considering the number of times that they come out and all the things that they do take care of.
I had an issue with squirrels getting into a small section of roofing without access from the attic or inside of the home. Critter control was a huge help in solving the issue, especially thanks to Brandon and Nate. Ended up catching 3 squirrels living in the roof plus they seal the entrance point after all is said and done. I would absolutely recommend critter control, Brandon and Nate did a stellar job.
Dominick was very friendly and he consistently put on his shoe covers each time he entered the house. He looked over every inch of the storage room where we thought the animal was and did a walk around the yard to see if there was evidence of entry. He was very thorough. He did not find any animal at that time. He said he would leave a trap and review the outside area of the house over the next week. It was the next day that the smell in our storage room indicated that the animal had died. We followed the small and discovered a dead bird in an open storage bin. I would highly recommend Dominick for 'Critter Control'. Thank you, Valerie
Great explanations regarding findings, friendly, quality work! Each encounter with their tech has been professional and educational.
your representative (Dominic) was very friendly and quickly removed the dying raccoon from our outdoor window-well. He also shared information with us regarding raccoons on their behavior, what they liked/disliked, and provided information on how to disinfect the area the raccoon had been trapped in for a couple of days. I'd rate him 9 stars if I could. -pja
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