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In Richmond, nuisance wildlife encounters happen daily.  They are the animals that threaten humans, damage property, and interfere with your peace. Virginia has established rules on capturing and removing nuisance wildlife. Rather than take the risk of violating nuisance wildlife laws, you may want to call professionals for help. Critter Control is here for you every step of the way in the wildlife removal process. From inspection to removal—and even exclusion and repair—we have the services you need to quickly get rid of raccoons, rodents, and other nuisances.

Virginia wildlife found to be nuisances include raccoons, rats, mice, squirrels, bats, skunks, snakes, opossums, groundhogs, and hundreds of species of birds. We identify the animal on the property, then use humane methods to remove the animal and secure weak points where more could enter. We can make those repairs for a complete restoration if damage has been done.

Squirrel Removal

The squirrel most likely to succeed at inhabiting your attic is the flying squirrel. But we also have multiple species of fox squirrels, gray squirrels, and red squirrels in Richmond. As rodents, squirrels spend most of their time collecting foods to store for winter months. They enjoy fungi, nuts, seeds, flowers, fruits, berries, insects, and bird eggs. They will even eat bark, although it is not their first choice.

Squirrels are known to dig holes in your yard to store and retrieve foods. They steal garden crops and chew bark on ornamental trees. If you have a bird feeder, you will likely need to refill it often since squirrels will clean it out before the birds can. Squirrels chew electrical wires, wood beams, and walls inside the home.

Squirrels’ teeth continually grow and can create pain. To prevent this, squirrels gnaw on things, including house siding, shingles, mesh screens, plastic, and anything wood. Squirrels will make a small hole much bigger by chewing. You do not want holes in your house. We can get rid of your squirrel problem and repair damages.

Bat Removal

There are at least 17 species of bats in Virginia. The one living in your attic or barn could be the big brown, little brown or Mexican free-tailed bat. All bats are essential for the survival of our ecosystem, which is why there are numerous laws and regulations regarding getting rid of bats from your home. Most bats are considered protected species. Unlike how they are portrayed in movies, bats are fascinating.

Bats use their vision and hearing to fly and feed on thousands of insects each night. The only major problem with bats living in your home or building is related to their guano or feces, which can stain your walls and floors and smell terrible. Guano can also grow mold spores. If the spores are inhaled, it may lead to respiratory problems.

Not all bats have rabies. However, some do. You can’t know which ones carry disease unless they are tested. So, you should always call an expert to remove a bat from your property.

Raccoon Removal

Raccoons in Richmond wear a permanent black mask. They have a bushy striped tail and nimble hands and fingers. Don’t be distracted by their cuteness. They are nocturnal thieves that will do what it takes to get something to eat. And they will eat anything. Raccoons like insects, chickens, pet feed, table scraps, trash, garden crops, bird eggs, and much more.

Raccoons can be destructive to the interior and exterior of your property. To get into your attic, they look for any possible entry. If there is a small hole, they will make it bigger. If it’s a vent, they will rip it out. Once inside, they will rip out insulation, chew on wires, and stain your walls and floors with feces and urine.

Outside, raccoons will dig holes in your yard, searching for insects. They will climb your chimney and spout to get to your roof, causing damage to siding, shingles, and more. We can help you get rid of your raccoon problem.

Rat and Mice Pest Control

The house mouse, field mouse, Norway rat, and roof rat have adapted well to Richmond rodent life. Mice tend to live indoors, even though they will scavenge for food outdoors. Norway rats typically burrow tunnels near your home. They have been known to burrow through insulation.

Rats and mice can enter small holes, like the ones necessary to run wires into your home. They also enter through torn screens, cracks around windows, pipes, vents, chimneys, and damaged wood. They are on the hunt for food, water, and shelter. Rodents will eat pet and human foods as well as dog feces. These tiny creatures can do a lot of damage to your property. One reason is that they multiply quickly, and in less than a year, you could have a severe infestation.

Damages caused by rats and mice include chewed wires, clogged pipes, vents, drywall holes, feces and urine trails along baseboards and on counters, and ruined groceries. Let us help.

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Trained Specialists Animal removal is a highly sophisticated job. As such, we vet and train our team members to ensure they have the knowledge and skill to remove any pest from your building. Our wildlife experts utilize advanced removal and exclusion techniques and damage repair.
Guaranteed Work Your satisfaction is always guaranteed. Critter Control® takes great pride in providing quality workmanship resulting in customer satisfaction.
Residential and Commercial Invading nuisance wildlife can wreak havoc on property. If left unattended wildlife and pests can cause costly property damage. Whether a residential property, apartment buildings, retail stores, office buildings, industrial plants, medical facilities, or warehouses, our trained professionals can handle any wildlife removal problem.
Critter Control Guarantee Your satisfaction is always guaranteed. We provide reliable prevention from future intrusions. Resolving a nuisance wildlife issue calls for more than trapping and removing the critter. Our exclusion services offer immediate and long-term wildlife solutions.

Q&A with Critter Control of Richmond

What are some of the most common wildlife issues that homeowners face in your area?

Squirrels, bats, raccoons in attics. Mice, rats, opossums in crawlspaces, walls, basements.

How do the seasons affect wildlife activity in your area?

Most animals are active spring through fall. Rats, mice, opossums, and raccoons are active all year.

What are some common signs of nuisance wildlife activity?

Noises in the attic, walls, crawlspaces, and basements. Droppings in the kitchen, basement, or attic. Chew or claw marks on areas of the home.

When should homeowners call you?

We should be called at the first sign of recurring activity, when droppings are visible within the home, or if wildlife has made a habit of visiting the yard.