Raccoon in Chimney

This homeowner heard scuffling sounds coming from their chimney, and soon discovered a raccoon had moved in. It is common for female raccoons to search for a den in chimneys and attics to give birth.  Unfortunately, once they have nested in a chimney, hiring a professional is often the only effective and safe solution for getting rid of a raccoon for good.


A previous raccoon exclusion was attempted on this chimney. The raccoon had no trouble breaking through the installed metal screen. In the quest to get rid of raccoons for good, it is imperative that raccoon proof materials and techniques are applied.

In this case, the Critter Control wildlife technician employed an effective and humane trap which captured the raccoon on its nightly departure from the chimney. Next, they then inspected the chimney for kits (babies). After ensuring no kits were present, the technician installed a raccoon proof barrier.

Raccoon in Attic

This Houston homeowner became aware of an animal in the attic after hearing sounds in the night.  At first, they thought it might be a rat. However, after a thorough investigation by a Critter Control specialist, it turned out to be a bigger animal than expected. To confirm the identity of the animal, technicians applied a footprint tracking powder on the ductwork. The raccoon footprints corroborated suspicions, providing the wildlife specialist everything they needed to know.


Unfortunately, footprints are the best case scenario when it comes to raccoon damage in the attic. In this case, raccoons were attempting to penetrate the ductwork inside this homeowners attic.

Why do raccoons damage ductwork? For one, raccoons are gathering materials for the den. Additionally, raccoons in the attic may attempt to create new paths through the house. In other scenarios, it may be a simple case of curiosity, especially for young kits.


Aside from the financial cost of repairing ductwork, raccoon waste inside ductwork can pose various health risks. Beyond the unpleasant smell of raccoon waste, which wafts through the home via the air conditioning system, raccoon feces are vectors for diseases. One example is the raccoon roundworm, an infection caused by accidental ingestion or inhalation of roundworm eggs found within raccoon feces. 

Thus, if you have suspicions of raccoons or any other animal in the attic, call a wildlife professional.

How Do Raccoons Get into the Attic?

Raccoons are fairly industrious when it comes to finding a way into an attic. When possible, raccoons will exploit an existing hole. Despite the fairly large size of raccoons, the hole doesn’t have to be big.


An adult raccoon can fit into a hole the size of a softball (3-4”).

In the worst case scenario, a raccoon will create or expand holes, tear off roof shingles, or destroy vents. Raccoons are powerful creatures for their size, and they have tough paws and sharp claws to help bypass obstacles that other animals would have trouble with. Here are a few examples that Critter Control technicians have encountered in the field.



Excellent communications, execution and friendly. I highly recommend this company!
The Critter Control team went above and beyond to make sure that NO CRITTERS could get into my home. We thought we had conquered the problem, but we still heard squirrels getting in, so they returned to reassess and finish the job. They actually pulled up our deck boards and found that the critters were getting in because of a rotted board underneat the cantilever. They replaced the insulation, rotted boards, and put a metal sheeting over everything so NO squirrels or critters could chew their way in! If you need critter control - you need to contact them. They stand behind their work 100%.... Thank you Rodney & Team!! Great Job. Ellen R. Haslett, MI
Eric was grate,give him 5 stars and much thanks.
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If you are in the market for this service, having Michelle and George take a look is a must! Unlike some other vendors, the people who come to the house and assess the job are the ones that will actually do the work, so you get to meet the people who will actually perform the work - no new people or subcontractors. Michelle and George are highly experienced, professional, and friendly - a pleasure to work with. They always came within the promised window, and were accessible by phone or text for any questions. Sincerely, highly recommend.
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Brandon from Critter Control was professional, courteous, thorough, and knowledgeable. We are very pleased with our service.
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technician was great--explained everything well.
We had a great experience working with the crew from Critter Control San Jose. They patiently listened to our observations, we came up with strategies and ended up fixing suspect areas, trapping a couple of rats. Problem seems to have been solved and hope we don't need to call them again
Brandon was extremely thorough and knowledgeable. He was able to figure out where our mystery smell was coming from, removed the carcass, and cleaned/deodorized the entire area. We are very pleased with the job performed and the professionalism shown. Highly recommend!
The job was handled very professionally and done in a timely matter was very pleased with the removal of the critters that were beneath my home I would recommend you to my friend thank you.
Great family company. I've used this company for many years and will continue to do so.
Brendan is always good and he is friendly.thank you
Y’all were responsive & personable… & caught 4 critters that were doing damage digging up our lawn. Thanks.
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They did a really good job, very professional and courteous.
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Excellent work. Kept us informed throughout and helped us control the problem.
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Terry did a great job with the initial bird removal and covering up the hole where the birds had nested afterwards. He was also very polite and explained everything that he was doing. I couldn't ask for a better experience.
Great crew and service!
Critter Control was EXCELLENT in helping us get an iguana out of our attic! The technician was polite, friendly and very responsible! He explained what he was doing and what had to be done to ensure success in removing the iguana. I would hire Critter Control again without hesitation. Thanks Critter Control for helping us!
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Great service to secure our home. We had a new roof installed but they never did Rescreen the vents to keep the critters out of the house. Nice job Brandon.
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